Best Bass Rig for Bank Fishing

Fishing for Bass on the Bank: What’s the Best Rig?

Bass fishing from the bank is an old-school sport, but more popular than ever. And it is perfect for beginners or little anglers casting for the first time. Advanced anglers often set sail when it comes to bass fishing, but they know to go by the bank sometimes, especially during the spring season.

The spring is the spawning bass season, so all basses hiding in the lake’s depths migrate toward the shallows and return to the depths when the temperatures become super warm. Master anglers use this time for some action because all bass are protective of their nest and will most likely attack any object or creature approaching.

Using the accurate bank fishing rigs, you can provoke a trophy bass because it’s the males that guard the nest. This article will walk you through bank fishing, how to find the best bass rig for bank fishing and much more. Stay tuned! 

Bank Fishing for Bass: Do You Need a Special Rig?

Banks are relatively more limiting in terms of navigation and visuality. Anglers need to find a technique to compensate for the lost features and provide better visuality and sustainable navigation. 

A common mistake is casting the rig anglers are most familiar with to catch a fish. However, after spending too much time with the wrong rig, they usually realize they could have used a better one and captured even more trophies. Additionally, there are other reasons to use a unique technique, which we’ll discuss later, to help you land a better fish.

Therefore, anglers need (to learn about) several bass rigs for bank fishing to help them better understand the entire process. Below we discuss the main features of the best bass rig for bank fishing.

Bank Fishing Rigs: Required Features

If you need to learn how to bass fish from the bank, it’s high time to pay attention to some of the rigging techniques for bank fishing.

The best bass rig for bank fishing should be versatile, help anglers locate the bass, and visualize the internal structures of the lake.

The best bass rig for bank fishing should include plastic worms, plankton, or other parasites that bass fish would eagerly grab as meals. Many anglers can confirm that the best lures or baits for bass fish are the ones that imitate authentic meals. However, the rig you are using should cover the hook well because basses are super intuitive and can easily identify a trap when they see one.

Choosing the Best Bass Rig for Bank Fishing: The Ultimate Selection

Among the many combinations anglers have come up with to set the best rig, the most successful rigs include:

  • Carolina RigCarolina Rig (C-rig): This rig requires a fluorescent main line, a weight, plastic worm or lure at your preference (worms work best for this rig), beads (preferably plastic because they can handle more pressure if a bass attacks them), and a hook. The C-rig is excellent for bank fishing for bass because it allows more visuality of the internal structure of the lake, and you may even catch something in the meantime.
  • Texas Rig: This rig contains the same components as the C-rig, only here, the weight added on the line is not fixed, which means it can move up and down to create more natural movements when casting the lure or changing locations. Many anglers go for this rig when it comes to choosing bass rigs for bank fishing.
  • Ned Rig Best Bass Rig for Bank FishingNed Rig: This rig is one of the finer techniques that initially looks effortlessly, but setting up could be difficult for some. Namely, to fish with the Ned rig, you would have to get a jighead (if you are fishing in densely vegetative areas, you might have to consider using the Ned head weedless), fluorocarbon line, and bait. You should know that the design of the Ned Rig attracts more fish around the lake, and you should expect more bites than usual. However, the secret of Ned rigging is in the spring lock system in Ned’s head that secures the worm stays fixated and challenges more fish to take it out. You may catch two at once. 

You might need help learning these rigging techniques if you are a beginner. However, after several tries, you will master the techniques and try all three. That way, you can choose the most appropriate rigging for the bank where you’re fishing.

Bass Rigs for Bank Fishing: Final Words

Bank fishing for bass comes with remarkable advantages over boat fishing. You can access “unreachable boat areas” such as the arm of a bank, really shallow waters, and land a trophy bass. 

Spring and fall seasons are the best seasons for bass fishing because spring is basses’ spawning season, meaning they will migrate toward the bank to lay the eggs. During this period, basses are incredibly aggressive as they protect the nest.

The best approach to outsmart such aggressive basses is using the best bass rig for bank fishing. Some anglers claim that the C-rig is the ultimate rigging for bass bank fishing, while others stay faithful to the Texas Rig. 

Although the C-rig and Texas rigging have the same components, both suitable for bass fish, the C-rig is more appropriate for bank fishing. The fixed weight allows you to experience the internal part of the lake better than the sliding weight on the Texas rig. With the C-rig, you have more control over other things.

Try both rigs and decide which one is better. In both cases, happy fishing!


How do you fish for bass off the bank?

You should use the right lures and the correct rigging. Since worms or crankbaits seem most appealing to basses, Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, or Ned Rigs seem to be the best bank fishing rigs.

What is the best rig for bank fishing?

Experienced anglers always suggest using the Carolina rig or the C-rig. The fixed weight on the line allows you to have a clear perspective of the internal structure of the lake and measure the depth. By gently pulling, you can explore the vegetation situation and see if you can find any bass below. In the meantime, you may also pull a fish.

People Also Ask

What do you need for bank fishing?

Bank fishing is the same as in-lake fishing. You need fishing equipment (rod, lines, lures, hook, beads, weights) and a few rigging techniques so you can fish on your own. The C-rigs, or the Texas rig, are easy and effective bass rigs for bank fishing.

How do you carry multiple rods when fishing at a bank?

Although you can carry as many rods as you like when fishing at a bank, more than two are difficult to handle. There are special backpacks that can hold two-rod holders; if you need more, you can always carry them in your hand. Make sure you position them in a way they don’t tangle.

What is the best lure for shore fishing

The best lure for shore bass fishing is worms, but remember that the color depends on location, species, and watercolor. In many places, you cannot go wrong with green/pumpkin-type colors, and in other places, you need bright colors, preferably red. Bass fish prey on animals and tend to ambush their prey when wounded, So some believe red tricks them into believing that it is blood.

Let us know your preferred color and what works best in your area. If you enjoyed this article, you may be interested in this one on how to fish for crappie.


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