New Bass Fishing Regulations in Effect to Protect Larger Bass by FWC

New black bass fishing regulations went into effect throughout Florida Today. On Friday, July 1st, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced. The new regulation change will streamline existing rules. Allowing anglers to keep smaller and more abundant bass which protects larger bass.

FWC said it has received input from thousands of bass anglers before amending current regulations. “We are confident that these new regulations meet the desires of our bass anglers. Ensuring that Florida lakes will continue to produce high-quality fisheries,” said Tom Champeau, director of FWC’s Division of Freshwater Fisheries. “Florida’s reputation for trophy bass is one reason we are known as the Fishing Capital of the World. These new regulations will help provide our anglers with unforgettable fishing experiences in the near future.”

Florida contains five species of black bass: largemouth bass, Suwannee bass, Shoal bass, Choctaw, and Spotted bass but no Smallmouth bass.

Largemouth bass is the most popular sport fish in the world, including in the state of Florida. The largemouth bass is found throughout Florida, while the other bass species are only found in rivers in the north-central and northwest regions.

A summary of the new black bass fishing regulations is below. You can also visit MyFWC.com/fishing and click on “Freshwater,” then “Regulations” for a copy of the complete regulations.

New Black Bass Fishing Regulations

Previously the state had three black bass fishing zones, and areas with special bass regulations have all been eliminated. Starting today, all species of black bass are included in the five-fish daily aggregate black bass bag limit. This is the same as the previous statewide rule.

Largemouth bass new rule: Only one black bass, maybe 16 inches or longer in total length per angler, per day, with no minimum length limit.
Suwannee, shoal, Choctaw, and spotted basses: 12-inch minimum size limit, only one maybe 16 inches or longer in total length.

One of the primary goals of the new regulations is to protect larger trophy bass, FWC said.

Good luck and Good Fishing with the new New Bass Fishing Regulation, and don’t forget to have a valid Florida fishing license whenever fishing!


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