Richardsons Fish Camp Fishing

Each location across the state of Florida will provide you with a separate outdoor experience. Florida conditions will promote and dictate how fishing will be for a given area. Richardsons Fish Camp Fishing has been excellent this season!

I had the pleasure of fishing with Brad, David, Trey and Lane. They wanted to experience what Kissimmee had to offer by Lake Toho Bass Fishing. David, Trey and Lane are young men ranging from 7 to 11 years old that love to fish.

Wild caught live shiners are the most effective technique when you adventure out fishing for largemouth bass. They caught 15 bass on their quick fishing trip. David caught his first largemouth bass ever. The biggest bass weighed 3 pounds.

We adventured through some canals on the north end of Lake Toho. Most of the fish were caught in these canals. I am glad to be able to be a part of this family fishing trip. I am looking forward to fishing with them again in the future.

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Come Catch Yours with Captain Steve Niemoeller on Lake Toho.


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