King of the Glades 3 Classic

It was a very Hot Day at the Holy Lands and fishing was tough but with 20 of the best teams in South

Florida everyone knew one team would beat the heat and the rest of the field , and after surviving over

200 entries in the 4 qualifier rounds and beating 19 of the best teams to offer Steve Papp and Adam

Kupferberg become the 2008 King Of The Glades 3 Champions with a massive 28.23lb 5-fish sack to

get the win. here are the results

#1 Steve Papp and Adam Kupferberg —– 28.23lbs ——–$1100.00
(Buzz Baits and Swim Jigs)
#2 Thadeus Regan —————————-19.98lbs ——— $450.00
( swim Jigs and Frog baits)
#3 Hank Krieg and Skip Reed ————————————-17.54lbs —–$250.00
(Giggy Heads)
#4 Mark Sommer and Jon Farmer ————————– 16.65lbs
#5 Aymon Wilcox and Kevin Thomas ———————15.58lbs
BIG BASS — Aymon Wilcox 7.06lbs ————————-$400.00
#6 Steve Forsell and Rod Sayler ————————- 14.00lbs
#7 Chad Langley and Joe Dorio ————————— 12.57lbs
#8 Terry McCartha and Greg King —————————10.88lbs
points champions —————-$200.00
#9 Ross Myers and Bruce Austin ————————————–9.18lbs
#10 Jeff Justice and Danny Shelton ———————-8.29lbs
#11 Chris Korn and Robert Williams ——————-4.68lbs
boats 12 thru 20 ————- Did Not Weigh In.
Thanks for another great season and thanks to all my sponsors for your support.
Thanks to all my club members for there help.

Bottom Line Mike

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