Ten Pound Lake Okeechobee Channel Catfish

Ten Pound Lake Okeechobee Channel Catfish

Hello, This is Capt Robert Miley. I’m leaving the Lake now, fished with Dave and his family, it was slow fishing, but we got Some quality fish We got one six pounds Largemouth Bass and we got several small ones and then we hit the magic number 10 pounds, but it was a Ten Pound Lake Okeechobee Channel Catfish, put up one heck of a fight going through the bull rushes and pads.

Ten Pound Lake Okeechobee Channel CatfishThe water temperature was 66 this morning, and it’s 78 degrees right now, and it’s been kind of windy really hard wind blowing in but we had an awesome time. I fished all the spots. I moved around a lot. We went through a lot of shiners. I think we went through 8 dozen shiners. We were fishing live bait today.

They were small and they just didn’t stay on the hook the fish would fly by and knock them off the hook just seemed like they were so small, it was just one of those days. You know them shiners are hard to get this time of year because the waters are so high, but we got some nice fish a beautiful six-pound Largemouth Bass and one tough Ten Pound Lake Okeechobee Channel Catfish, so anyways tight lines, and we’ll see you on the next trip Take care Capt Robert E Miley.

About Channel Catfish

The Channel Catfish is a fascinating freshwater fish known for its distinctive appearance and behavior. These fish are characterized by their long, slender bodies and flat heads with prominent barbels, or “whiskers”, which help them navigate their surroundings. Channel Catfish are opportunistic feeders, consuming a variety of prey including insects, small fish, and even plants.

They are highly adaptable and can be found in rivers, lakes, and ponds throughout North America including the Ten Pound Lake Okeechobee Channel Catfish. With their hardy nature and tasty flesh, Channel Catfish are popular among recreational anglers and are often sought after for their sport and culinary value. So whether you’re enjoying a day of fishing or looking to savor a delicious meal, the Channel Catfish is a remarkable species that offers both excitement and delectable flavors.

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Capt Bob Miley started bass fishing in the Florida Everglades.
On the very first trip out he caught a 10lb 0/8 o/z largemouth bass and has been fishing for bass ever since. Robert Miley has been fishing professionally on the B.A.S.S. Eastern Division, for the past 7 years. He also is the Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff representative for South Florida. Versatile in that he fishes for Peacock bass as well as trophy largemouth on Lake Okeechobee.

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