Peacock Bass Fishing Palm Beach County on Lake Ida

Peacock Bass Fishing Palm Beach

This is Capt Mike Groshon with your Lake Ida fishing report.

South Florida offers some of the best fishing in the country. Each region of the state of Florida provides you with a different fishing experience. Peacock Bass Fishing Palm Beach County on Lake Ida is most certainly an experience you have to encounter.

Cody traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to fish on Lake Ida fishing guide in Delray Beach, Florida. Palm Beach County is so unique because it holds Peacock bass that flourishes further South in Miami-Dade County.

The hunt was on for the elusive Palm Beach County Peacock Bass. Cody has never caught a peacock bass, so he was in for a treat. The peacock bass fight just as hard as the northern smallmouth that Cody is used to.

The fishing conditions were perfect for fishing, favoring a late afternoon bite. We found both peacocks and largemouth, with a combined total of right around 40 fish. There was a slight breeze coming out of the east that helped the bite. When searching for fish, always be observant of what the wind is doing to the water current.

Cody had an amazing day on the water and is looking to come back with his family to make more memories, one fish at a time.

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Captain Mike Groshon was raised in Northern Virginia, he grew up fishing lakes and rivers in Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia then like most headed south for warmer weather and bigger fish!
Among playing music and racing cars, Mike always had a love for fishing. Mike is married with two children and a real all-around nice guy. He and his family moved to Florida to follow Mike’s dream of becoming a fishing guide on Lake Okeechobee.
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