One Million Bass in Lake Apopka soon to be Caught!

One Million Bass in Lake Apopka soon to be Caught!

Lake Apopka is getting filled with bass, about 1 million of them. The Florida Fish and wildlife Conservation Commission has already begun stocking the lake.

They are stocking the lake earlier this year than previous years to give the bass the best chances of survival, doing so it provides more food for them to eat.

The bass that are being stocked in the lake are genetically pure Florida Largemouth Bass. These kind of bass tend to grow bigger than other species found in other parts of the country because there Florida stain fish..

Over the years the lakes quality has degraded significantly due to municipal and agricultural discharge, but that’s all about to change. Lake Apopka was known as one of the top lakes for catching bass in the country in its prime years. With these renewed conservation efforts it will hopefully regain its former glory.

The Florida Fish and wildlife Conservation Commission has been working hard to bring the lake back to its natural state. The conservation effort has been purchasing land and creating a flow way system to improve water quality which directly impacts the fishing. These are but a few steps to restoring the lake to its former glory.

While the restoration project is under way they are going to continue stocking the lake with non reproducing sunshine bass to provide great fishing and utilize some of the abundant forage fish the lake produces.

The lake today still has good bass fishing, the shiner fishing can be really good at times. Please read our fishing reports and if your interest in a professional fishing guide to show you around.


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