Okeechobee Bass Fishing Adventure

Okeechobee Bass Fishing Adventure

Hey folks, this is Capt Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee report. The past week has been a lot of fun this is my favorite time of year doing light tackle and top water fishing. I’m out on the water with Bill and his wife Martha first time being out on the Big O. These folks wanted to see what this wild shiner fishing is all about. Let me tell you, we got out there doing a short 4-hour trip. About three and a half, but ill tell you what we smashed them.

We caught huge numbers, we ran through all the bait when we ran out of bait. They were like hey, we have caught enough fish this is the most fish I’ve caught in my life I’m ready to go. We had a pair of 7s we had a lot of 5 and 6-pounders, just incredible. I couldn’t bait the hooks fast enough, and this is not shiner season, but we just crushed them.

I’m telling you folks, if you get a chance to come down here this time of year in the warm months. You don’t wanna do a full day it’s crazy a 4 to 6-hour trip is fantastic. It is incredible to get out there and do some light tackle fishing. If you do bring some shiners, hey, your adventure starts here, Capt Mark Shepard all the best.

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Captain Mark Shepard is a full-time guide and touring professional. Experience includes BASS Master, FLW Tours, Everstart, BFL tournaments, and many others. Mark has a mile-long list of accomplishments in the fishing industry, including an Everstart WIN on Lake Eufaula, AL. Mark, originally from Florida, moved to Ohio to sharpen his northern skills. He moved back from Ohio years ago to master guiding on the world-famous Lake Okeechobee for over ten years.


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