May 23 – 25 fish report – Lake Erie on fire

May 23 – 25 fish report – Lake Erie on Fire

Lake Erie is on fire, Todd and Lori from Ft Lauderdale, Florida, come up to cash in on Lake Erie gold, and they crushed 100 plus smallmouth. A fantastic three days on #lakeerie with Capt Mark Rose. We save the best for the last day, ten over 4lbs, five over 5lbs, and countless 3lbers. This was the biggest at 5.8 lbs. A great city and experience highly recommended to all my angler friends. Columbia Sportswear, Abu Garcia, Minn Kota.

Explored last by Europeans. Louis Joliet, a French explorer, is credited with its discovery in 1669

The water temp is generally in the low 70s in the summer, which makes Lake Erie on fire and quite a popular area. While in winter, the temperatures drop to freezing, and the water freezes over more than any other of the Great Lakes because of how shallow it is. The average depth is around 62 feet the maximum depth is 210 feet.

In the lake’s shallowest area, Water is around 25 to 30 feet, which allows strong winds to kick up powerful waves.

Lake Erie on Fire Continues

The Lake draws many sports anglers and has a large walleye fishery. guide boats take visitors out onto the lake to catch the smallmouth bass. Once frozen over, Ice fishing becomes very popular.
The Lake has its own legendary monster Bessie most likely a massive sturgeon.

The lake invaded by mayflies in 99 was viewed as a sign of the lake’s returning health and a balance of nature.

Its rich soil causes the region to have many concord grapes. Lake Erie itself also has algae blooms once in a while.

Lake Erie is a tail-like shape, and that is reflected in its name, which is erie lhonan, the Iroquoian word meaning “long tail.” The lake is around 241 miles long and 57 miles wide and has 871 miles of beautiful shoreline, including its islands.

Lake Erie on fire was formed by a receding glacier making it relatively young — around 4,000 years old.


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