Gift of Florida Fishing

Gift of Florida Fishing

Traveling to the beautiful state of Florida, fishing is a must experience. Sandy was ready to catch some largemouth bass while cashing in on the Gift of Florida Fishing.

Sandy’s daughter got her a fishing trip on the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes for Christmas last year. Many people travel to the state of Florida to fish the beautiful bodies of water.

The conditions were perfect for a great trip out on the water. Sunny skies with a nice breeze made for a productive day of bass fishing.

Central Florida has been producing quality largemouth bass in numbers this year. We shared so many laughs as we caught fish all trip long.

Sandy caught them up today with two bass over 5 pounds, as well as two over 4 pounds. Catching about 30 fish, I think Sandy will be back for more.

I look forward to fishing with Sandy again. Florida offers many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round. Bass Fishing is at the top of the list for many people.

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Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Reno Alley on the Winter Haven Chain.

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