Florida Bass Fishing Tour

Florida Bass Fishing Tour

This is Capt Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Well folks I just got off the water, kinda cool I like taking people from Florida that live down here that have never fished on the big O out on the lake.

I fished with Vanessa and her boyfriend Warren, we did 4 hours of fishing and she never caught a bass before, well today they both got a taste of the action.

We put the hammer down on them and that’s all I can say, we smoked through the bait, caught a lot of great quality fish and a few smalls, it was an incredible day, the females are moving in, the season is beginning and the females are really packing it in.

Its going to be exciting, do not miss out on the opportunity to fish the big O, it is beautiful, alive and well, Capt Mark Shepard, all the best everyone.

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