Lake Thonotosassa

Lake Thonotosassa is an 942 acres (381 ha) lake that is named after the census-designated place (CDP) that it is in, which is Thonotosassa, Florida. Residential development surrounds the lake. There are no roads that cross it, but the four roads that go around it are: Taylor Road/Fort King Highway (west), Thonotosassa Road (south), McIntosh Road, (east), and Knights-Griffin Road (north). U.S. Route 301 is about a quarter-mile northeast of the lake. The lake is owned and maintained by the Tampa Port Authority.

Largest natural lake in Hillsborough County with a surface area of greater than 800 acres Popular for recreational use as it is one of the few natural lakes in the area with public access Discharges into the Hillsborough River which is used for municipal water supply for the City of Tampa.

Four main challenges exist in the Lake Thonotosassa watershed:

  • Nutrient loadings from the watershed have caused extreme nutrient-enrichment resulting in algal blooms
  • Decline in habitat quality and species diversity
  • Increased abundance of non-native plant species
  • Decline in the abundance of desirable sport fish