Everglades Largemouth Bass Fishing Action with Capt Tony

Everglades Largemouth Bass Fishing Action with Capt Tony

Hey everybody this is Tony Masiello with BassOnline this is my fishing report for the past few days.

Here is your, Everglades Largemouth Bass Fishing Action with Capt Tony report. I headed out with Iverson and John. John fished with me a few days ago for peacock bass, and he wanted to take his wife out into the everglades to see alligators, birds and do some fishing. So we searched the holiday park area and it was a pretty good day. Hey boated anywhere from 25 to 35 fish with the biggest fish going right around 4 pounds. It was also a very active day, lots of fish are biting. The water level is coming down, the everglades are looking good. So if you want to book a fishing trip, get the dates and get the phone calls done and come catch yours. Thank you. Tight lines!

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Capt. Tony Masiello is a full-time South Florida bass fishing guide, specializing in Florida Peacock bass in Miami and large-mouth bass fishing in the Everglades. Live-bait or artificial, Tony can teach you both of them. Tony’s specialty is going way back into the Everglades flats and fishing top-water all day does that sound like fun or what!


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