East Central Florida Fishing for Largemouth Bass with Locals

East Central Florida Fishing

Outdoor adventures are what make East Central Florida lakes so incredibly special. The ability to travel to this amazing place and spend time in the outdoors is something you want to experience. Bass fishing is a great way to do that, especially this time of year. East Central Florida Fishing can provide you with one of the best outdoor activities perfect for family and friends.

East Central Florida Fishing 2One of the many dreams of anglers traveling to Florida is to catch a trophy-sized bass. Central and North Florida can produce that fish for you. Our local experts are the number one way to accomplish this goal. Time on the water is the only way you can stay on top of catching these beautiful fish. Captain Mike Groshon and Captain Brent Nelson can help you on that fish of a lifetime.

Captain Mike Groshon had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and Mark. They were traveling to Florida to explore all that it had to offer. While they were here, they cashed in on a quick 4-hour fishing trip. The Stick Marsh was always a fishery they wanted to get out on and we made it happen for them.

Fishing conditions were good for a day of fishing even though the wind was blowing very hard. The largemouth bass was biting especially on live bait. Mike and Mark caught several bigger fish but not the monster they were hoping for. Sometimes you have to leave a little bit on the table for the next adventure they embark on in Florida. Most of the fish were in the 1-3 pound range.

Captain Mike is looking forward to getting back out on the water with these amazing friends again in the future!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Brent Nelson adventure out on http://bassonline.com/june-weekend-bass-fishing/. This is another legendary fishery known to put some big bass in the boat. Bass Fishing with Captain Brent can most certainly help out with that. Captain Brent had the pleasure of fishing with Rodney and his son Alec. Alec also brought along his friend from school Braden. They repeated clients looking to get into some more big bass.

East Central Florida FishingCooler weather and high winds made this fishing trip tougher than average. This was their 3rd fishing trip in the last two years on Kenansville. Finding clear water was the only way to catch some quality bass. Once they did, the bite was on!

Rodney, Alec, and Braden caught 29 largemouth bass. 10 of these bass weighed over 5 pounds. The largest bass came to the scales at 6.25 pounds. Most of the fish were caught on wild-caught live shiners. Also, some fish were caught on artificial baits but that bite was slower than normal.

Captain Brent is looking forward to their next adventure in Central Florida!

Don’t miss out on your outdoor adventure in Florida. You never know what you will get especially when going out with our local experts. Each destination will provide you with a unique experience. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come Visit Central Florida and Catch Yours Today…

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