Conway Chain of Lakes here in Orlando Florida

Hello, it’s Captain Devin Dickerson here again with another fishing report!

Just finishing up and leaving the Conway Chain of Lakes here in Orlando Florida. Its located in Orange County and just South of downtown Orlando. For the last two days, I had the pleasure of fishing with Dennis O’Neil from Texas.

The first day we were trying to stay warm mainly, this was the first day of that major cold that just sent havoc across the rest of the country. The conditions went from rainy in the ’70s to the high 40’s and it was progressively getting colder as the front push down on us. It’s tough weather even if you’re not fishing, the winds were 15 to 25mph but we prevailed and caught (17) seventeen bass that day. We focused mainly on deep-water about 15′ to 16′, near offshore grass ledges.

What to use?

We used mainly Armed Assassin Rigs from Bass Assassin also called A-Rigs, our baits of choice were Crappie Dappers and Curly Shad both made by Bass Assassin lures in Shad colors.

On the second day of our two-day trip with Dennis, it was another tough day of dealing with the weather.  At 6:30 am we started fishing at 38 degrees, what a way to start the day. But it did progressively get warmer in the low 50’s by day end. The wind still blows, just less at 10 to 15 mph out of the NW.

Even with the day’s conditions, the bite wasn’t that bad, it was definitely quantity over quality but I will take that in these times. The average fish today was between 12″ and 16″, even with live bait the big girls just did not want to play. With all the weather it was still a blast all bundled up in our gear, cutting jokes and laughing…what’s better than being on the water, even in these conditions! End result was about the same as the day before, but we did mix up the fishing a bit by throwing live shiners out deep on a free line as well as using again the A-Rig and big worms.

I look forward to seeing Dennis and all of you guys soon. The fishing is only going to get better and it’s only going to keep getting colder up north. So, book your trip or get a gift certificate for the holidays… let’s go fishing!

Come see us and until then, Capt Devin saying fish on!

About Devin

Capt Devin Dickerson has been fishing the Conway Chain of Lakes here in Orlando Florida area of lakes for over 15 yrs. His passion for the sport began at an early age, about 2 yrs old. His dad and grandfather would take him fishing to many of the lakes here in Central Florida and much of the intercoastal waterways on the east coast of Florida. Having fished National level tournaments from South Carolina to Alabama, and throughout Florida, he has given him the ability to adapt to the changing weather patterns and the many lakes around Central Florida.


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