Outdoor Blog > Catching Schooling Florida Bass on a Florida Fishing Trip in Kissimmee

Catching Schooling Florida Bass on a Florida Fishing Trip in Kissimmee

Catching Schooling Florida Bass

Florida Bass Fishing can be extremely exciting especially when you find a congregation of largemouth bass, which would be a school. You can experience this style of fishing throughout the whole year but you have to know where they are at. Come enjoy catching schooling Florida bass on your next vacation.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Teddy and Israel Williams. We went out Lake Toho Bass Fishing in the morning on this trip. They wanted to experience what this incredible Central Florida Lake had to offer them.

Water temperatures are continuing to rise back to normal and the bigger bass are beginning to move around. You can catch them on artificial or live baits. The key to catching decent numbers is finding the schools. We had a rough start but once we found them, it was game on.

Blue and Silver rattle traps and shad colored flukes were a very effective method in catching these schooling largemouth. You can also catch them on the wild shiners. Try a variety of baits when you go fishing to determine which is going to be best on that given day.

Teddy and Israel both caught their personal best fishing Lake Toho. Also, they boated 16 quality largemouth bass with the biggest weighing 5.3 pounds! The action is steady and consistent this time of year.

I am looking forward to fishing with these gentlemen again soon. Don’t miss out on your adventure to catch Florida Largemouth Bass next
time you are visiting.

Come Catch Yours with Captain Brent Nelson on Lake Toho.

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