Big Experience Fishing Charter on Lake Toho in Florida

Big Experience Fishing Charter

September has been a great month for bass fishing. October will be even better. Cooler weather will stir up activity, especially on Central Florida lakes. You have to explore this wonderful destination perfect for the outdoors. A big experience fishing charter is all you need to have a great time on the water.

Lake Toho Bass Fishing is the only way to experience Kissimmee, Florida. Captain Steve Niemoeller is our local expert and has been fishing this lake for many years. Ted and Humana came out to adventure and catch some big bass. Ted was traveling from Georgia and Humana was traveling from Peru. Getting out bass fishing was the best way to spend some quality time together.

The outdoors provides you with unique ways to experience it every time you want to adventure out. This was the first time they had been out on a boat and gone fishing. It was quite a big experience for them and Captain Steve was proud to be part of it. Not only did they get to enjoy the boat ride, but they also caught some quality largemouth bass.

Ted and Humana had an absolute blast fishing here on Lake Toho. Humana caught the big fish of the day weighing close to 4 pounds. She really enjoyed the fight and the experience of catching largemouth bass. Wild-caught shiners were the most effective technique.

Captain Experience

Captain Steve is looking forward to sharing another moment like this with Ted and Humana next time they visit!

Don’t miss out on your adventure to come to catch the fish of a lifetime. Central Florida is a great place to get out on the water. Captain Steve is looking forward to seeing you soon!

Come Experience Kissimmee and Catch Yours Today.

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