Ali reporting from Lake Okeechobee

Hi everybody! My name is Alejandra Bejarano and I am part of the Bass Online team. Yesterday, April 11th, 2015 I had the pleasure of being out on Lake Okeechobee with Captain Todd Kersey, Dave Lauer, Mark Shepard and Larry Crossman. I had a 7 am fishing trip meeting with my guide Captain Todd Kersey at Slims Fish Camp, Belle Glade. Awesome day on the water, the day started a little bit foggy, it cleared up once we were on the water. Weather was just beautiful, even though it rained for a couple of minutes out of nowhere.

We started up with Captain Dave, his guests were from Canada. We had a blast, we joked around and caught fish. They said that up there, the biggest Large-mouth they can catch weighs approximately 5 pounds…nothing bigger than that. They were excited about fishing here in Florida, they heard numbers and quality is just great. As soon as they hit the first spot they caught fish nonstop, I was a witness! I have never seen people catching one fish after the other one like that…even one fish decided to go in the water with the shiner and the pole too! Such a great time!

Our next stop was Captain Mark Shepard! If you guys do not know…he loves Clewiston! That is a little bit west from where we originally started. It was worth it, he is such an awesome fisherman. His customers love him! I met Nathan from Kentucky and his two good friends. One of them, floridian native, admitted it was his first time fishing and he has been living here his entire life! But man, they had an awesome time in the water! I even tried deer for the first time, Nathan encouraged me, and I have to honest it did taste good!

We visited Captain Larry Crossman before going back to Slims. One of his guests told me that he reads my fishing reports and he loves them! I hope you are reading this one…thank you for your kind words! We were chit-chatting while fishing and then it happened…a monster! They caught a 7 1/2 pounder! We were speechless…fun fact about big bass, when they get older and big in size the eyes tend to pop out.

This was Ali reporting from Lake Okeechobee, make sure to read our fishing reports! Tight lines!


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