Strong Winds Seize Lake Okeechobee-Largemouth Bass Fishing

This is Capt Mike Groshon with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Strong Winds Seize Lake Okeechobee-Largemouth Bass Fishing in late January. I had the pleasure to fish with Ray from Kentucky.

The weather was not cooperating today. At its max, the winds were blowing at 40 Mph. Most of the day was filled with overcast skies. We were dodging rain clouds the whole trip.

That kind of weather and conditions generally always slows down the bite. Today was not about catching a monster, even though you always hope for one. We focused more on catching quantity because that is what kept us going.

Not to many people understand the magnitude of Lake Okeechobee. Ray was very impressed at the size of the lake and all that it offers.If you ever get the chance come to Florida and fish this beautiful fishery.

He’s looking forward to coming back again and give it another shot at the big girls. We will make sure that the weather is better for him.

This is Captain Mike Groshon here with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report, creating memories one fish at a time.




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