Post Storm Conditions on Lake Okeechobee- Clewiston, FL

Hey, everybody, it’s Captain Brian with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Today, we had post storm conditions on Lake Okeechobee largemouth bass fishing out of Clewiston, FL. I had the pleasure of fishing with Dave. Dave came out with me yesterday and we were supposed to fish an 8 hour trip, but the winds and the storms that rolled in over the weekend, cut the trip short. So we decided we would go back at it the following day.

It was just one of those days. Mother nature is not always going to cooperate and when storms roll through, it can disturb the fishery. It takes time for the fish to re-calibrate to optimal conditions, before things get better. Once that process is done, they start biting again.

So as expected the bite was slow. We eagerly searched for fish on some main points on the south end of the lake. We ended up not leaving Clewiston and found some reed heads to fish. Reed heads are great cover when strong winds move in. We desperately tried to stay away from the dirty water.

We managed to put some fish in the boat. I wasn’t expecting any giants to come out to play today, but I knew we could land a few. We caught some decent bass, also a mud fish, cat fish and a gar. We caught the whole gamete. Anything that ate a shiner made the day interesting. We were super proud of ourselves with those horrible conditions still looming over our heads.

The best moments on any trip is when you get to share laughs, smiles and memories. We had a great time out on the water. Sometimes you just have to buckle down and grind until you find fish. Have patience on the tough days.

Lake Okeechobee is looking beautiful this time of year. Right now is when the fishery is heating up and most of the big fish have moved into the shallows to spawn. Come down to catch the big girls this season. Book Online Now before we fill up. It will be a trip of a lifetime!

Until next time, tight lines Captain Brian Brown


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