Lake Ida Peacock Bass Fishing Guide Capt Robert

hello this is your Lake Ida Peacock Bass Fishing Guide Capt Robert E Miley with the fishing report today for lake ida i had Scott from Madison Mississippi and his son William flew in from Washington dc we fished peacock bass for the last 2 days it was really hard fishing for peacock bass for two days i had really really scramble we’ve got plenty a large mouth we had probably 25 largemouth the today we have probably 50 to 75 large mouth in total no real big ones and we got two clownfish and we caught four peacock bass finally the water temperature has been in the sixties this evening when i pulled off the water it was just now moving up to 72 and about on the afternoon there we started getting a few peacock bites largemouth were still biting water temperature this morning when i put in was 55 degrees Scott had a good he had an awesome time fishing with me we moved all around we’ve decided we fish lake Osborne largemouth bass just everywhere you wanted to catch them jerk baits shiners both and we we tried everything moved everywhere just all over the place and it was exciting day for him he brought a gopro camera and we covered all the nooks and crannies of that chain of lakes and we found a couple fish that were deceased cause the cold weather but it was an awesome time for Scott and his son they got a lot of fish and really enjoyed it Scot told me that he just got a little taste of what peacock bass fishing is really like and he said the last the one that he caught fought really hard he said man i can appreciate what a big one would be like so anyway thanks a lot this has been your Lake Ida Peacock Bass Fishing Guide Capt Robert with the report till next time keep a tight line bye now.

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