March Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast for Florida Freshwater Species

March Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast

March is a prime month to explore what Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing has to offer. Whether you are looking for an outdoor fishing experience or just looking to adventure out on the water, Lake Okeechobee has it. Each location and destination across the lake gives you the opportunity to see something different. March Lake Okeechobee Fishing can easily have you addicted to fishing and coming back for years to come.

March is generally the strongest month for the Florida largemouth bass spawn. The strength of the spawn is predicated on weather conditions and moon phases. Last month, the weather was very unpredictable but warming trends should have the best fired up on this upcoming full moon. We should see another wave of spawning fish and big bass caught.

If you are looking to plan a trip to Lake Okeechobee, now is the time to do so. Your chances are high of landing that personal best. March through April will be some excellent months to catch the fish of a lifetime. Our local experts will work hard at showing you a fantastic time on the water at all our locations.

Check out this Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Update to see what you can catch here in March:

Fishing with Captain Mark Shepard out of Clewiston, FL:

March-Lake-Okeechobee-Fishing“The bass are everywhere right now and quite active. Some fish are moving off beds while others are preparing beds for this upcoming moon phase. It has been a lot of fun searching for and finding largemouth bass in all stages of the spawn.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and Bob out of Clewiston, Florida. They were traveling from Maryland looking to get out on the water on Lake Okeechobee. There is no better way to soak up the Florida heat and enjoy the outdoors than on a Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Trip.

Mixing it up was a great experience for Mike and Bob. We threw topwater baits in the morning around the outside edges. After picking away at a few on artificial baits, they switched over to shiners. The outside edge along grass lines was the most effective spot to land fish. Bob caught the biggest fish weighing in at 3 pounds. They might not have caught a giant largemouth bass but had an absolute blast the whole trip.

Waves of bigger fish are going to start moving in on this next moon phase. Mike and Bob had a great time and I am looking forward to laughing and having fun again with them soon!” – Captain Mark Shepard

Fishing with Captain Mark Rose:

March-Lake-Okeechobee-Fishing “One of my favorite parts about being a fishing guide is showing new people around that have never been on a particular body of water. I had the pleasure of fishing with Gunter and his good friend. They were traveling from Germany looking to explore Lake Okeechobee for the first time. Lake Okeechobee showed up for them providing a trip they won’t forget.

Sunny and breezy weather made for some great fishing conditions. While they enjoyed the weather, Gunter and his good friend caught largemouth bass all trip long. They landed over 15 bass on their fishing trip with the biggest fish weighing in at 6 pounds.

Quality largemouth bass like this one is what you travel to Lake Okeechobee for. You never truly know what is going to bite the end of your line. Wild-caught live shiners were the most effective method to put fish in the boat.

Gunther and his good friend had a fantastic time fishing here in Florida on Lake Okeechobee. I am looking forward to getting back out on the water again!” – Captain Mark Rose

Fishing with Captain Brian Brown for Florida Speck or Crappie:

“During these cooler months of the year, crappie or speck is a fantastic species to come catch. Not only are they delicious but they are fun fish to catch on light tackle. Now is the time to plan those speck or crappie trips when visiting Florida.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Devon, Merrell, Aaron, and Earl. They were traveling from Indiana looking to spend some time here in Florida. While doing so, speck fishing was on the menu. It was an awesome and action-packed morning for this group of guys.

Crappie-March-Lake-Okeechobee-Fishing We met at Garrad’s Bait and Tackle in Okeechobee City, Florida. After that, we took a short ride to the boat ramp. It was not long after getting out on the water that we were on the fish. We caught two keeper speck on the first two drops and then after that, they kept catching them.

When it comes to Crappie or Speck fishing, the best methods to catch them are minnows and jigs. You can have a blast doing both when coming out on a fishing charter with us here at Bass Online. I personally love putting clients on this fish.

Devon, Merrell, Aaron, and Earl caught over 30 crappies on this fishing trip. They could not have been more excited about the outcome. I am looking forward to spending another day on the water with them again in the future!” – Captain Brian Brown

Fishing with Captain Rick Mitchell:

“Every year, anglers from across the United States make annual traditions to come to explore several of our lakes here in Florida. Lake Okeechobee is an annual hotspot for many travelers for not only its pure beauty but exceptional fishing opportunities almost all year round!

I had the pleasure of fishing with Chan, who was traveling from South Carolina. This year, he brought along a group of family and friends. We embarked on a two boat trip for 8 hours of fishing and lunch in between. The best location to enjoy a trip like this in Clewiston, FL as they have a marina on the water where you can get lunch.

Lake Okeechobee came alive on this fishing trip. We caught some big bass on wild-caught live shiners. Chan was amazed at the quality of fish he caught on this trip. The biggest bass caught weighed in at 7 pounds along with a 6 pound, several 5-pound, and 4-pound bass.

When it comes to Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing, it truly does not get any better than that. Calm and beautiful weather made for the perfect mix to stir up some incredible bass fishing.

I am looking forward to getting back out on the water with Chan again on his next annual fishing trip. They had an absolutely amazing experience on Lake Okeechobee they will never forget!” – Captain Rick Mitchell

The Last Report of this Update with Captain John Larsen:

March-Lake-Okeechobee-Fishing “Large groups are always a fun time to experience a fishery with. Friends from across the globe come to Florida to enjoy what this state has to offer. Lake Okeechobee should be at the top of your list when it comes to getting outdoors here in Florida.

Joe and Caroline brought down a large group of people from Canada. They wanted to enjoy a day on the water catching Florida largemouth bass on Lake Okeechobee. A total of 8 anglers were split between several boats.

All my fellow captains including myself had a blast catching over a dozen largemouth bass each. It was a quick 4-hour morning fish charter with some great action on both live and artificial baits. The main structure of focus was submerged eelgrass. Largemouth use the grass as an ambush point.

The most productive artificial baits on this fishing trip was a fluke in Copperfield color. When you slowly twitch the bait over the grass, the bass would come out of it and blow it up. It was an exciting bite for these anglers.

Everyone on board had a great time fishing with us on Lake Okeechobee. I most certainly had a fantastic time with Joe and Caroline and I am looking forward to our next adventure!” – Captain John Larsen

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

Now is the time to plan that Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing trip. This March Lake Okeechobee Fishing Update should have given you some insight into what is to come. Whether it is largemouth bass or crappie/speck, you can have a blast catching fish all trip long. Clewiston, Belle Glade, and Okeechobee City are exceptional destinations to visit on your next fishing adventure.

Our local experts work hard at showing you a fantastic time. Years of experience and knowledge have allowed them to dial in on the fish even in changing conditions. Come enjoy the beautiful weather Florida has to offer and catch the fish of your dreams right here on Lake Okeechobee.

We hope to see you on the water next time!

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