Orlando Bass Fishing Guides Checklist

What is Fishing in Orlando, Florida, like?

Central Florida and Orlando areas have a sum of 5000 lakes or bodies of water to fish. When planning an excursion, make an Orlando bass fishing guides checklist. Wounder, why fishing is so popular is the ability to be fishing on a lake in one of the most amazing cities in Florida while being just minutes from theme Parks, Downtown and Convention Centers.

The experience you have, helps you get away from the everyday stress and participate in something out of the ordinary. It’s unique, and there’s undoubtedly no other place like it.

What Do I Need to Know?

You might have gone on a fishing trip before but didn’t get the experience you were expecting. Did you ever wonder why? This could be because there are many things that you might not know about the area and industry. Life is about making good choices; finding an experienced Orlando fishing guide can solve all those disappointing problems.

But truth be told, not all fishing guides have been created equal. No different than a gas station, grocery store, restaurant, hotel, or local barbershop. You just can’t Google and choose one, expecting that you will have the time of your life. So, if you choose a guide, here are a few solid tips you need to remember.

Trophy Bass Fishing with bass fishing guide service

Is this something I Should Consider?

Orlando’s outdoor activities always attract visitors from the attractions, and fishing is no different. Are you looking for something different to take a break from your favorite water park or take your kids on a boat ride? Why the activity is fishing, depending on the time of the year and weather, you will see eagles and other birds at close range and the ever-popular Florida alligators.

A good fishing trip provides tips for beginners, new techniques, and methods for the professional. A qualified service should emphasize boat safety, and reasons certifications are essential. A top-level service provides all supplies, and everything necessary for a family outing without requiring any experience. This includes instruction, advice, and steps for success for first-timers.

Why is Reputation Important?

If someone you know recommends a Central Florida guide, they are likely worth a look. Consider if you did not know a guide before booking a fishing charter. Below are valuable items to consider and check if they have an online presence. If they do, check carefully to see recent trips. This will give you a belief about the last time they were out, their experience, and their popularity.

Fair warning, Instagram is not a valid source. Anyone can post; it is not policed for accurate content. Pictures are sometimes fake or even reposted from years ago. If you like their Instagram account, ensure it matches all other social sources.

Orlando Bass Fishing Guide Reviews

When hiring an Orlando bass guide, reviews are the number one resource you should consider. Make sure you read each of them as you would with a hotel or restaurant. A word of caution, look for fake reviews. Keys signs are a lot of reviews that are all five-star. Not everyone is going to be perfect all the time. Read the context of the reviews; are they friendly and family-oriented?

Is this what you’re looking for? This will give you an idea of whether they are the right company for your family or corporate groups.

Bass Fishing Guide Service and Booking ServiceCatch Claim and Rules

It is necessary to ensure that you are familiar with the bass guide service rules related to who will keep the catches. Do you even want to? Would you instead catch and release? These are all the options that the service should allow you to make. In certain companies, the captain makes it mandatory to keep the catch.

On the other hand, there are also guide services that catch-and-release is mandatory, so no fish for you. Does the service clean your fish? Are they willing to pack the fish in an ice chest? Hence, you read the guide’s website and ask questions to avoid disappointment if you plan to take the fish home.

Read Orlando Fishing Web Page

Every reputable Orlando bass guide should have their web page these days; if not, that’s a big red flag. So take a glance around. Is it mobile-friendly? Do they have an online booking? Can you get all these questions answered without having to call them? This way, you will know what to expect before hiring a guide without wasting valuable vacation time.


You have to consider if your Orlando fishing guide knows how to organize a charter even on the worst day successfully. Good Orlando bass fishing guides will take you to more than one or two spots on the water before saying, “they’re just not biting today.” A good captain will make adjustments and find the fish “because they are always biting somewhere.”

A qualified captain will ensure you have an experience worth talking about. The right expert guide will have backup spots in mind when their favorite places are not producing.

Adapting to different lakes, maybe you want to experience the Kissimmee chain of lakes, Lake Cypress, Lake Okeechobee, or Butler Chain. Can that service provide a qualified guide to help you with the same experience level?

Are they a Trophy Bass Guide Service?

Central Florida has the best bass fishing waters; some have lots of fish, and others have trophy bass. Is the guide service catching big bass or just on the water taking people fishing? Again, pictures are worth a thousand words. Typically your Universal Studios, Sea World, and Disney World lakes have standard Florida bass, meaning 1-3 pounds are average, and they occasionally have that outlier fish that weighs 4 to 5 pounds.

If you’re looking more for trophy bass, stick to guides that fish West lake Toho or the Kissimmee Chain, close to Disney and in the Central Florida area. Butler Chain is popular for some local guides, but mainly because it’s compact and they don’t burn as much gas. If you are looking for big bass lakes, make sure your guide knows them and fishes them regularly!

You have to choose an Orlando bass fishing guide that is right for you. If you have the right guide, you will have an unforgettable experience with trophy bass fishing!

Trophy bass fishing in Central Florida

Type of Fish the Fishing Guide Catches

Know this is not an Orlando deep sea fishing charter, this is local in small boats, and you will not pursue a big fishing game like Marlin. Locally in Orlando, there are various fish species you can fish for: the ever-popular large-mouth bass, crappie, and bluegill. You also have a Florida Gar, Bowfin, Pickerel, and catfish bi-catch. A good fishing guide should accommodate you in catching any species without advance notice.

What is the best month for bass fishing in Florida?

Winter and Spring months book up for several reasons. First, it’s cold up north, and people come to Orlando to enjoy the warmth. It’s also when the big trophy bass spawn; this simply makes them a bit easier to catch.

With all that said, a Florida largemouth bass has to eat every three days and generally a lot more. So even in the warmth of the summer. Good guide services will know how to find and catch fish for you.

Orlando Bass fishing pricing, What to Pay?

The money you will have to pay will depend on the Orlando fishing guides you hire. The price differs from one company to the other. In general, all are close-priced. Companies that are $50 to $100 higher are generally part-time guides that don’t care how much work they get as long as it pays enough for them to take a day off. And on the opposite side of that coin is the struggling solo guide, and he’s priced himself $50 to $100 cheaper than the market price.

Why, at a brisk glance, it looks like a value; what you typically get is a worn-out boat and even unsafe in many cases. What goes along with the cheap guide price is Old equipment and a guide that will be concerned with how much gas they burn. It’s tricky, of course, but it seems somewhere in the middle to the upper is the safe bet for a smooth experience.

How much is a Fishing License in Orlando?

In Florida, no fishing license is required while fishing with a charter captain in saltwater. In freshwater, the state of Florida does have the same laws. Each person on a charter or non-charter must have a license between the ages of 16 and 65. Under 16 is exempt and does not need one. Check with your captain to verify all the laws. While licenses are an extra fee in Florida, it’s one of the cheapest in the US.

At $17 plus tax each. Your guide can not supply this for you; it requires you to purchase it via the internet, Walmart, Bass Pro, or download the APP.

Check the Orlando Fishing Guides Equipment

Equipment is something the service you hire should have, and you do not have to worry about. They should have ample equipment for the entire party; you should not have to share. The equipment should be newer, less than a year old. In good working order, the guide should not pull out tools during the trip to fix equipment. The reels should be full of line and fully rigged before you arrive. Here are a few items to make sure that your guide has onboard.

  • Both Spinning & Bait Casting Rods
  • Right-handed and Left-handed reels
  • Fishing net for scooping up your catch
  • Knives for cleaning fish if desired
  • Comfortable Seats for Everyone, not just one person
  • Good live well in a boat for Wild shiners, not a 5-gallon bucket
  • Ice chests for keeping your drinks & food

The Florida bass fishing guide should also have a local GPS, first aid kit, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellant, and toilet tissue.

Lures/Live Baits

There are two popular ways to do bass fishing in Orlando; it is to throw artificial lures for more skilled anglers. For less experienced anglers and fishermen looking for the biggest bass, live bait is available, also locally known as wild shiners. A variety of artificial lures should be included with every guide service. The wild shiners are extra cost, and you should have the choice to choose. Also, you decide how many you purchase, which is generally based on your experience or the guide’s recommendation.

Consider the Top 3 Orlando Bass Fishing Guide Services

It is always better to find a fishing guide who will cater to all levels of experience, interest, and skill. Based on all the outlining perimeters we have discussed, we have made your search easier by providing three of the area’s best fishing services.

#3 Bass Fishing Guide Orlando

They have good reviews, a good assortment of guides and are well established in Orlando are fishing in many of the most popular lakes.

Trophy largemouth bass on Lake Toho, West lake Toho, Kissimmee Chain and Lake Kissimmee

#2 Florida Bass Fishing

The longest-running guide service in the area, run by Capt John Leech, has been guiding the area for over 30 years and featured in Bassmaster magazine more than ten times. Clearly, one of the bustiest Orlando guide services in the area for years. Have good reviews, a good assortment of guides, well established in the Orlando fishing industry.

#1 Orlando Bass Fishing Guides

The most prominent, most reviewed, and consistently reliable fishing service in Orlando. TripAdvisor, Expedia, Airbnb, Camping World, and NASCAR sell them. Take the guesswork out of hiring a guide, as it is done for you. There is a massive assortment of fishing guides, over 80K in catch pictures, all for you to choose from, well-established and prominent conservation supporters in the Florida fishing industry.

Orlando bass fishing guides


Some guide services offer pickup service but have no flexibility in where you fish. Discover the best location and service, then look for transportation. The area is trendy for Uber and Lyft drivers at all-day hours. Also, many of the local hotels offer easy and hassle-free shuttle services.

Let’s book it

Just enquire via any contact form; the service should have a live chat for your convenience. You can still use old contact us forms on websites, but they are slow and unreliable. A reliable, professional service should have instantly bookable software so the whole process is not a waste of your time! Of course, you should always pay a small deposit to hold and confirm a booking. Otherwise, the service can cancel last minute for no reason.

We hope this helped ease the pain and process of booking with the right place. Orlando truly has the best spots in Central Florida’s Orlando Kissimmee area for a lifetime of fun.


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