Everglades Outdoor Fishing Charters in South Florida for Bass

Everglades Outdoor Fishing Charters

Everglades-Outdoor-AlligatorsIt is hard to put into words what it is like to explore the Florida Everglades. As you pull away from the city and drive to your meeting location, you can’t possibly imagine what you are about to experience. When it comes to the full Florida outdoor adventure, the Florida Everglades most certainly provides that for you. Let all your worries behind and hop on board with one of our local experts and you can have a fishing trip of a lifetime. An Everglades outdoor fishing charters can be one that gets you hooked on coming back to this beautiful destination year after year.

The Florida Everglades is a unique fishery and place to explore. A wide range of not only fish but wildlife makes it something to experience. As you travel down the long stretches of canal systems, you can find some of the best fishing this state has to offer. Even though this place is filled with largemouth bass, peacock bass, and a lot more feisty species, you can cast for days without getting a bite.

When looking to go out fishing here in the Everglades, a local expert is essential. Structures and areas of this canal system are way more productive than others. Spending numbers of hours, days, and years fishing this location has allowed our experts to dial in on the action. Whether you want to throw artificial or live bait, they can show you a fantastic time here in South Florida.

Check out this March Everglades Bass Fishing Update to see what you can catch:

Fishing with Captain Mark Rogers

Everglades-Outdoor-Fishing-Charters“I had the pleasure of fishing with Paul, who was a Florida native looking to explore the Everglades. He lives on the west coast of Florida and wanted to get out on the water. Right now, the glades along Alligator Alley are producing some great fishing.

Cold fronts were moving in and that changed the pressure system. On this trip, it did not shut down the bite but helped it get ramped up. Clouds and wind slowly moved in as well throughout the day but the morning was nice.

Paul enjoyed catching largemouth and peacock bass all trip long. The most productive bait to catch these basses on this trip were hard plastic topwater baits and jerk baits. Live bait was effective for the peacock bass well. One of the cool parts about fishing the Everglades is that you get the chance to throw a variety of baits and land big numbers.

As the water continues to drop, the fishing will get better. Paul had a great time and I am looking forward to getting back out on the water with him again soon!” – Captain Mark Rogers

Fishing with Captain Nick Pasquarello

Everglades-Outdoor-Fishing-Charters“The Everglades near Naples, Florida is one of my favorite destinations to fish. One of the biggest reasons is that you can continue to catch fish and have a blast almost all day long. Every now and then, you also get to hook into some quality largemouth and peacock bass that really get you excited.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff. He was traveling from Clearwater, Florida to fish the Florida Everglades. Mile Marker 41 was the closest location and it showed him one amazing time! Every trip is unique here in the Everglades, which makes it fun for clients.

Jeff had a fantastic day on the water. Sunny and windy conditions really helped promote a strong bite. Jeff caught over 35 bass on this fishing trip. It was awesome to watch him reel peacock bass up to 4 pounds and largemouth bass over 6 pounds.

Not every day do you get the chance to put some big bass like that in the boat. Jeff will remember this fishing trip and so will I. I am looking forward to fishing with him again in the near future!” – Captain Nick Pasquarello

Fishing with Captain Mark Rose

Everglades-Outdoor-Fishing-Charters“The best parts of my day is watching clients light up when they land fish of any species. It is why I became a guide. Getting out in the Everglades is a treat for most anglers and I love showing them around on an Everglades Outdoor-Fishing Charter.

I had the pleasure of fishing with a repeat client of mine, John. He was traveling from Naples, Florida looking to explore what Mile Marker 41 had to offer along Alligator Alley. It was an action-packed day for John on artificial lures.

When coming to fish the Everglades, whether, on a boat or the bank, soft-plastic baits are incredibly productive to land numbers of largemouth bass. John caught over 30 bass on this fishing trip using senkos and soft-plastic jerk baits. When you let a Zoom super fluke in watermelon red or sungill, slowly sink along the banks of the Everglades, you will surely catch a bass.

Get up close to the structure and twitch that bait out. When letting it sit, you will eventually watch your line slowly move off with bass at the end of the line. It is a lot of fun for anglers of all ages and you can easily become addicted to this style of fishing.

John had a great time enjoying some sunny and calm weather here in the glades. I know he will be back for more action soon and I am looking forward to it!” – Captain Mark Rose

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today!

The Florida Everglades is red hot for some incredible bass fishing. You can experience some exceptional fishing at all locations. The further west you go, the better the fishing for quality peacock bass. Largemouth can be caught almost all year round at all locations. NOW is the time to plan those bass fishing trips, especially when the water levels are low.

Fishing here in Florida is a great way to get outdoors. Bring along the whole family for an action-packed day on the water. We hope that you get the chance to explore this destination and get out on the water with one of our local experts!


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