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How to Become a Fishing Guide

Do You LOVE Fishing, want to do Something You Love, Become a Fishing Guide!

Bass Fishing GuideCan this Work for you?
Let’s start out with a positive, like being one of our bass fishing guides.
As a professional BASS Online fishing guide/boat captain, you get to join a TEAM of like minded anglers enjoying a career in a real business surrounding and unbelievable daily working environment. Helping others appreciate the value of fishing and participate in conservation of the outdoors on a daily bases.

So how does that sound so far? Read on…learn more about the life of a fishing guide.

become fishing guide

A HARD look at becoming a fishing guide…

Do you need the security of a 9 to 5 job?
As you might imagine, showing customers where “the big one lives” may not be the ideal job for the security-minded person. It also may not be the reason you went to college and I am sure your degree wasn’t bass fishing related. This is why a lot of guides are involved in a business outside of the fishing guide industry for additional income and security, usually in the form of retirement pensions or some kind of off-season labor.

For all the above reasons, maybe why you should not to do this by yourself like like many before you have tried. This is also why BASS Online is the leading network guide service to work for, we offer consistency, dependability, cell-phones, industry discounts, health-care, retirement and so much more.

Most seasoned fishing guides or industry leaders feel that you must fish your area body of water for years on a regular basis-before you’ll know the waters well enough to consistently produce fish for your clients. It takes time to learn the environment around you . . . to “read the water” . . . to know the various depths and hot spots. . . and to “search out” just where and when the lunker bass will show up. Nothing could be further from the truth.

BASS Online cuts the learning curve for new guides, with years of experience, knowledge beyond most anyone else in this industry and the shear fact that we have more guides on the water daily, in more locations then anyone….you will produce we guarantee it. What does this mean to you, we are able to shorten your learning curve with our TEAM approach. “And since the rivers, lakes and canals change constantly,” as a fine tuned guide, “you can never stop learning or wanting to learn!”

Maybe fishing is the only activity that you feel you want to do all the time and that doesn’t get you bored, we warn you it could potentially be the hardest job that you ever had…often requires 12 to 16-hour days.

“Another reason the BASS Online system works for you, we cut the labor intensive hours out of being a guide with our technology systems. Spend more time fishing and focused on the customer, go home relax with the family while others return phone calls and emails.”

Florida Fishing

The life of a Fishing Guide, can you find HAPPINESS in doing this?

What does it take?
Getting established as a fishing guide requires some cash outlay for most people. Although it’s possible to save on your expenses by purchasing used equipment, boat, etc., guiding isn’t exactly the kind of business that can be started on a frayed shoestring budget.

“You’ll need a good new or used vehicle (truck or SUV) that seats three to four people, preferably four-wheel-drive (but now necessary) to transport your customers from location to location. As well as about 15 rods and reels of various sizes and styles, an assortment of terminal gear, tackle boxes, line, and hooks etc… perhaps as much as $1,000 worth of fishing supplies, above and beyond the cost of your automobile and boat.

Your first thought could be to have the tendency to buy cheaper equipment, some do. Most of then are not guiding any longer, but I will advise you as the expert…avoid “buying stuff you wouldn’t use yourself” . . . and for good reasons: “Probably 85% of your customers will be inexperienced anglers, and such folks tend to wear-out equipment faster. So, good stuff last longer, it is repairable and has warranty. Also with the boom in bass fishing industry anglers want to use the latest technology in equipment, the customer is much more informed these days, so don’t insult them with cheap stuff.

“To help with these start up cost, BASS Online has also set up partnerships with many industry companies for deep discounts on many of the great products you will need.” Everything from rain-suits, rods and reels and array of lures companies.

Florida Fishing

Related Questions to ask yourself
Having a “”HOME BUSINESS””, have you ever owned a BUSINESS?
The Business of Fishing is Green…can you afford to make your business green, you can’t afford not to in this industry?
Making a living in the fishing industry does nothing more then give you that much more responsibility for the environment around you…if your fisheries go away, so does your job.”

become fishing guide

Can you build a successful fishing guide service business?
First you should ask yourself…Do I know how to start a fishing guide service, including starting ideas and start-up cost, getting and keeping clients…? Can I or do I know how to market myself, where do you start?

If you cannot destinavily answer each one of those questions, you may want to pause and get the answers first.

Florida Fishing

How to become economically independent….?
Skills anglers seldom have or need the services of a fishing guide. Consequently in day to day operations, you’ll have to deal mainly with beginners, family groups, and the elderly folks … all of whom will require patience, kindness, and a good deal of encouragement.
“You will have older clients who have to do most of their fishing from a chair . . . children who drop rods and reels in the water as well as tackle boxes broken by eager anglers. And event with incompetent anglers in some form of memorable moment you will have a customer go into the water. Needless to say, patience’s and the ability to laugh in the face of adversity are important attributes for all GREAT fishing guides to have.”

Florida Fishing

Diversity is the key?
In the old days you could write articles and do other industry activities to produce additional income, because of technology and competition these options are no longer available because most guides will do them for FREE. Life as a full-time guide doesn’t always produce enough income for year-round living expenses. Most guides will give up the additional $$$$ for the additional exposure by published stories and reports that give there guide service exposure.
But the decision to learn all aspects of fishing, like live-bait, artificial lures as well as fly fishing will help offset some of the downturn of the simple economics alone. For a while, most guides managed to be specialized in one area, the industry no longer allows for such singular fishing abilities. . . learn the most you can, find it a profitable supplement.” Again these are things that BASS Online does for you, the consistency of working all year a round where available and the ability to learn different skill sets to help you master the art of fishing.”

Florida Fishing

Related Industry Content
“Since we began the guide service in 1992, several other aspiring hopefuls quietly entered the profession you could even say it was a boom of such and just as quietly many have fallen out. There are still some tackle shops that offer guides as an additional service, but many guides, groups and organization-know Florida’s largest and most successful guide service group is around to stay.” The guide industry itself has also grown over the past 10 years. During the peak fishing seasons (January/June), people looking for guides will hire any part-time boating assistant to handle there fishing trip. While this is not a bad thing for the part-time angler, it is not always a good thing for the customer or industry. One bad experience from a part-time angler without training could keep dozens of customers in the future from fishing with the trained fishing guide in the future. It’s called word of mouth, good or bad it works the same!

The same concept part-time vs full time guides, is also a war on the internet. I last few years there have been internet websites like, and many others that offering huge results and hope to fishing guides everywhere. Learn in life there is nothing for FREE. These sites, USE the fishing guide industry for there content…in the world of the internet content is king. So, they have you post reports, they get the FREE content and in return they promise you fishing customers. This NEVER happens…why, think about how you search Google? Don’t be sucked in to thinking this is a fix all, if your willing to write reports you can have the same are better results then these guys because Google doesn’t care who they are…they just want the content.

Florida Fishing

How does BASS Online set itself a part from the rest of the guide service?

Is it what we offer that’s different? or What we do different?
We FIND the Customers and Anglers.
Anglers and/or customers looking for a guided fishing trip come to our websites and answer questions about the type of fishing and the location they desire. The end result is a better and more knowledgeable customer which ends with a more delightful customer on your boat.

We Match Anglers To Fishing Guides.
Our unique system will match customers to you based on the type of fishing and location they desire. Do they have kids? Do you like Fly-fishing? All of these things are important to create a completely successful fishing trip. The average fishing guide is selling him self as a master of everything and his favorite lake as the best there is! That’s not fair or good for the customer.

Reservation System -Notify you of you trip.
Our reservation system is unlike anything in the industry, patent system.
There is quite a bit more to it, but can’t share everything..:)

You Decide if you want the trip.
Our detailed calender system allows us to schedule you as needed or desired. Fishing tournaments- no problem, family vacation no problem our system handles it all so you can control your time verses it controlling you!

Why join our TEAM- Yes, it’s FREE!
If you are still reading this at this point you may have what it takes to become a full-time BASS Online fishing guide. While we are accepting new fishing guides all the time, we also like and experienced fishing guides that want to part of a TEAM. Have your own clients, no problem…have your own website, no problem. We do have limited availability in some areas, this you can find out by emailing the office.

Do you have training?
Yes, no fishing guide we have gets to take our customers on the water with out first being trained on our system and fishing guide procedure, both on and off the water.

We also have quarterly reviews and a mandatory yearly meetings to evaluate the overall statewide business and local regions. Evaluate the industry and our guides to effectively continue to service the customer, environment and the industry in the best possible way.

What’s needed to get started?
We covered a lot of the bases in the early paragraphs, we try to evaluate each person differently, we are always expanding and looking for talent. The best option is to email the office with your desires and experience so we can see where you may fit the best.

So Why Not?
With nothing to lose a better question is “Why not join?”. Even if you have a job, maybe this would be great additional income? A additional career? It does not cost anything to join our service and you only pay us when or if you accept a fishing trip.

Becoming A Guide!

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This article is a answer to my dreams! I have always wanted to be a fishing guide. I've been fishing all my life in California for a wide variety of fish, but I just so happen to live right next to one of the best bass fishing lakes in the states. I know this lake like the back of my hand. I'm 21 years old and this is what I want to do for a living!

Bass Fishing Guide

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Working in the bass fishing field is my dream and goals! Hope I can achieve this goal as a fishing guide..

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