September Everglades Fishing Trip for Freshwater Bass

September Everglades Fishing Trip

The Florida Everglades happens to be one of the most incredible fisheries to explore. One of the main reasons is that you have the ability to get lost in the abundance of grass and wildlife. While doing so, you will have a great time landing some beautiful quality Florida bass. There are two main species of bass in the Everglades: the largemouth and peacock bass.
Deep in the Everglades, you will find an adventure you surely won’t forget. Hop on board for some September Everglades Fishing Trip for your next outdoor adventure!

You can spend days and hours on the water with no bite when fishing the Everglades. Everything looks good to fish and cast too. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. When you are looking to get out bass fishing in the Florida Everglades, a local expert is a must. They can take you to the right spots with the right baits through their years of experience. Let our local experts show you around this “river of grass” located in South Florida.

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Our adventures and journey take us to remote destinations here in Florida. A key fishery for Everglades fishing is the location along Alligator Alley. Mile Marker 41 has some incredible fishing for largemouth bass and peacock bass. Our local expert and Captain Nick Pasquarello were out on the water and got his clients on some productive fishing.

 Doesn’t Matter Your Location

James and Tyler were traveling from Fort Myers, FL this September to the Everglades. Their goal was to catch Florida bass on both artificial and live bait. Luckily, this destination is perfect for exploring new techniques and getting the chance to learn something. Captain Nick had the pleasure of showing these friends around the waters of South Florida.

The fishing kept everyone busy on their quick 4-hour fishing adventure. They wanted to specifically target peacock bass on this fishing trip. Captain Nick got them on several Florida peacock bass and largemouth. James and Tyler caught between 10-20 bass on this fishing trip. Most of the fish were in the weight range of 1-2 pounds.

Fishing conditions paired out for a good day on the water. It was sunny and windy allowing the fish to stay active the whole trip. They may not have caught any giant fish but had a great time with each and every bite. Captain Nick is looking forward to getting the chance to get out on the water with these guys again soon!

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Everglades fishing will get better as the water levels in South Florida drop. Right now, the fish have enough water to travel, feed, and stage. This makes fishing for them slightly more difficult. Luckily, our experts know where the fish are moving and they can get you around them faster. When the water drops during our “drought” season, the bass will load back up in the canals giving you the perfect opportunity to land several nice fish. We hope to see you on the water next time!!

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