Lake Hartridge can be found on the Winter Haven topo map. Lake Hartridge is a lake in Polk County Florida. The latitude and longitude coordinates for this lake are 28.0567, -81.7426 and the altitude is 131 feet (40 meters).

Lake Hartridge fishing with local guides are available. Lake Hartridge Park provide access to Anglers who have not fished Lake Hartridge and are invited to the lake. Experience Polk County Lake Hartridge. The marina and park helps to make Fishing in Polk County on of the best experiences for anglers.

Lake Hartridge Park, has boat ramps and a neighborhood park Recreation Center. Lake Hartridge Park is open during Daylight hours only unless posted signs allow longer operation. For More Information, Call 863-291-5656. Beach Parkway at 20th Street Northwest. Lake Hartridge Park has a great boat ramp, fishing pier, walking trail, playground, picnic facilities. The Lake Hartridge Nature Park offers a paved half-mile trail.

Lake Hartridge Nature Park offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including walking and biking along one-third mile of paved trail, picnic pavilion and shelters, large playground and wildlife observation. Educational signage explains the project’s significance in protecting water quality and the watershed of the Peace River Basin. A dual boat launch with 14 parking spaces for trailers provides access to 16 lakes as part of the Southern Winter Haven Chain of Lakes.

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