May Artificial Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lake Erie

May Artificial Smallmouth Bass Fishing

If you are looking for the most incredible smallmouth bass fishing, look no further than Lake Erie. The beautiful waters of Presque Isle Bay will have you hooked for a lifetime searching for your next green fish monster. Smallmouth Bass are a great species to experience. They are hard fighting and very aggressive. When the fishing conditions are great, you can catch them on a variety of excellent baits. May Artificial Smallmouth Bass Fishing is on fire right now!

Captain Mark Rose is one of the most knowledgeable fishermen in Pennsylvania when it comes to catching smallmouth bass. If you are looking to explore the great lakes and especially Lake Erie, don’t look any further. Spending most of his life on the water, he knows Lake Erie inside and out.

Repeat clients Joe and Phil adventured out with Captain Mark this May. Fishing conditions have been absolutely fantastic and fish are biting really well. Key areas on the Lake are producing the best and most are in the Bay. Joe and Phil were excited to be back out on the water.

Action was hot and steady from the first cast to the last. They landed 40 smallmouth bass in an 8 hour fishing trip. Most of the fish came off artificial baits. You can also throw live bait if you choose. Jerk Baits, Galidas Grubs, and Steel Shad lures are by far the best baits right now. If you wanted to strictly focus in the bay, we would suggest throwing Jerk Baits.

Fishing conditions were calm with a water temperature varying within 59-61 degrees in the bay. Better fishing is yet to come as the water warms and these bass begin to get ready to spawn. Phil and Joe are looking forward to setting the hook into some more smallmouth bass on their next fishing charter.

Captain Mark went out on another fishing charter shortly after with great friends. Jack Robinson was a repeat that has been fishing on Lake Erie and Lake Okeechobee in the past. Jack brought along his buddy Sam who hasn’t been fishing on Lake Erie in years. They wanted to embark on a fishing charter worth a lifetime!

Fishing conditions were much different on this trip than the last one. The winds began to pick up but that did not stop the bass from biting. Most of the wind stayed in the bay but still managed to battle and land several quality ones. Fishing the main lake was actually calmer.

Yet again, artificial baits were the most effective in landing some of the best smallmouth bass they have seen. Blade baits like Steel Shad Lures, along with Galidas Grubz and Megabass Jerk Baits put them in the boat. If you are fishing the great lakes these are the baits you need to throw.

Key locations on this fishing trip were from the Hammermill Plant to Shades Beach. Fish were in depths of 7-8 feet. Jack and Sam landed 30 smallmouth bass on this fishing charter. The best bass weighed 5.5 pounds. Most of the bass weighed between 4-5 pounds. Water temperatures in the bay were warmer than on the main lake. They were 54 degrees on the main lake and 59 on the bay.

Captain Mark is looking forward to landing, catching and exploring Lake Erie again with Jack and Sam.

Don’t miss out on your adventure to experience Erie, Pennsylvania next time visiting. Smallmouth Bass Fishing will only continue to get better. Make sure you contact us today and we will get you on the best fish possible while May Artificial Smallmouth Bass Fishing. We look forward to helping you land a personal best on our fishing charter!

Come Visit Lake Erie and Catch Yours Today…

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[fusion_text] About Captain Mark Rose hometown is Pittsburgh PA. Mark has been fishing Lake Erie and Lake Okeechobee since 1999. He fishes Lake Erie in the spring for smallmouth. He runs a detail shop in his hometown during the summer, spring and fall and heads to Florida during the winter months to do what he loves, guide on Lake Okeechobee. Learn More About Lake Erie or Capt. Mark Rose [/fusion_text]

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