South Florida Everglades Fishing

This is Capt Steve with the latest fishing report I had Randy and Scott out in the Everglades down pass Florida City.

We fished the salt water side of the Everglades then went and fished the Aero Jet Canal the last day for peacock bass.

The fly couldn’t get to many to bite, we did catch a few bass and some Peacocks but not nearly as many as we saw swimming around.

He was fly fishing the whole time that’s all we use when we go fishing, we caught some Snook, a Barracuda and a big Red Fish and we saw some Tarpon but they wouldn’t hit a fly.

So we had some trouble with the tarpon but everything else was great, I hope to see them again sometime soon, till next time for everyone out there for all your freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline thank you.

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