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Need quality captain, looking to be part of a large meet. Have exclusivity to the area with long term benefits. Can be part-time and build to is full-time. Be a freshwater only or a guide in saltwater as well which we can help with. Brand new and want to get in the business, contact us we can show you the most successful path available. [Read More]
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About Pandhandle Fishing Guides

We have guided clients on the surrounding waters of Apalachicola, Port Saint Joe, Panama City,  Destin, and Pensacola FL for over 25 years. We know waters for as long we have been in business. Most locations in the area require US Coast Guard approved captain, but other areas do not. Our customer’s safety is of great concern to us and an important measure to ensure a safe and enjoyable time is had by all.

Most consider the area, around the Apalachicola River and Lake Wimico as some of the best Panhandle bass fishing in the area. But we also have knowledge and service Lake Talqin, Deerpoint Lake, Lake Jackson, Dead lakes, Lake Seminole, and the Aucilla River.

We like to think we are hard-working captains compared to other Florida Panhandle fishing guides. We are easy to get along with and willing to adapt to the current conditions to ensure you have a successful fun and memorable experience of your time spent on the water. For when everyone is enjoying themselves and the companionship of their fellow angler’s memories are made for life.

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Florida Fishing Guide Locations

Need more choices, search the different regions where our guides are located by using the below map. Click on map regions or any of the hyperlinked names. The database enables you to select fishing areas or by Species. Refine your guide search by reading the guide profiles which displayed their particular specialty, locations, and species they target. Should you wish to just target a particular species, like Crappie, for example, you may just click on that particular species link, and you will see a listing of all fishing guides in FL that target that species.

Refine your search by Lake Talquin fishing guides, Lake Seminole fishing guides, and Tallahassee fishing guides. All bass fishing guides in that service lakes in the Southeast like “Lake Seminole, Lake Talquin, Lake Wimico and Apalachicola RiverDeerpoint Lake area for hard fighting Largemouth bass. You have come to the right place Florida’s largest and #1-rated Guide Service on the planet.

Also, check out fishing reports sponsored by the Wildlife Foundation of Florida and TEAM members of the largest Florida fishing guide service, so let’s go fishing!

We are continuously adding new guides to this page. If you have went with a guide before and he is not listed please call the office for details, they have most likely got moved to a different page. If you are a bass fishing guide in the Southeast Region of Florida, tired of struggling, wanting to work with a team please contact us by using this guide contact form!

Florida Panhandle Fishing Guides Service these locations

Tallahassee * Apalachicola * Destin * Fort Lauderdale * Panama City * Pensacola *