Project Description

Lake Chubsucker

Is a fresh water fish in North America, and it ranges from the great lakes to south Florida. This fish can be found in Lakes, swamps, and ponds, it eats detritus, and certain micro fauna and insect larvae specifically crustaceans and midges the amounts change depending on the the age of the fish, the younger fish eat almost only algae but has they mature the consumption of copepods increases. When Spawning in the months of March to July the females lay their eggs scattered around randomly over underwater grasses, or over areas of gravel that the males clear out. the Lake Chubsucker lives in clear still water with temperatures around 28 to -34c, and is mainly found in shallow water. one of the main predators of this fish is the famous Largemouth Bass, which eats the fry mostly but exceptions do occur and the bass will hit an adult. The Lake Chubsucker provides food for many game fish making it important to the ecosystem of any fishery, and has been considered as a forage fish for bass fisheries. it is edible and is caught by commercial and recreational fishermen, and while bony can be quite good to eat if properly prepared. as the name suggests its mouth is adapted to bottom feeding, and will devour prey with a voracious appetite, its Life span is between 5 and 6 years, this species is dealing with some issues due to siltation, and coal ash spills and because of these factors its range has been cut short in many states.