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Peacocks Bass Fishing – Miami, Florida

Today I fished with Dr. David Pashley and some of his partners. They decided to go after peacock bass with the air temperatures raising and the water warming up I anticipated a good day.
As I expected, the peacock bass bite was on for the Pashley group. We moved around […]

Peacock Bass Fishing in Urban Miami

Today I had the pleasure of taking out Stacy & Jamie Kloos from Lakewood, OH on a peacockbass adventure in South Miami. We only had a short time to work because time goes bye so fast when you are on the water, so I jumped around to a few areas […]

Peacock Bass in Miami, Florida

Today I took out the guys from the Castro Construction Company, out of Houston, TX. They wanted to see what the mighty Peacock bass fishing was all about while visting Miami.
We put the boat in the water down in Miami and made a long run to my first spot of […]

Florida Peacock Bass Report 6-14-2008

Today I had out return customer Will Iovenko and his girlfriend from, Louisville, KY. Last time down to South Florida, Will fished in the Florida Everglades, this time he decided to give a shot at the hard fighting Florida Peacock Bass.


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