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Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

Thank you so much for setting me up with Roger. He did a super job. It was an absolute pleasure. There were some permanent memories made today.
I would recommend him highly.

Thank you,
Clifford Wiedman

Peacock Bass Fishing | February 2010

Sorry about you Colts fans, they lost so we went for a half day of peacock fishing in the morning and a half day out in afternoon in the Everglades.

Great news for the peacock bass lovers, there are plenty swimming around still despite the cold weather. But we do need […]

South Florida Family Enjoys Everglades Adventure

Sunday October 4, 2009,
Captain Brett and I had repeat customers once again today, Villella Family a party of 5 to experience the ultimate Everglades Adventure.
The Villella’s, Frank and Tony are from South West Ranches in South Florida and go out a couple of times of year with me. They are […]

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Jon Biscoe getting the best of South Florida

Jon & Krista decided on a nice little fishing in South Florida while visiting. So, off they went for a 6 hour trip wanting to catch a combonation of largemouth and peacock bass which South Florida is the only that can be accomplished. After a nice day of fishing, they […]

Peacock Bass in Miami, Florida

Today I took out the guys from the Castro Construction Company, out of Houston, TX. They wanted to see what the mighty Peacock bass fishing was all about while visting Miami.
We put the boat in the water down in Miami and made a long run to my first spot of […]

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