2016 Butler Chain of Lakes Pictures

2016 Butler Chain of Lakes Pictures

2016 Butler Chain of Lakes Pictures

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The Butler Chains of lakes (4,927 acres) are all very similar in that they are relatively deep for Florida lakes (20 – 40 foot holes), have abundant submerge vegetation and good largemouth bass fisheries. This 4,720-acre chain is made up of 11 interconnected lakes. Boat access is available only at one county ramp (Lake Isleworth just south of Windermere) and public bank access is almost non-existent. Orange County charges a launch fee at the Lake Isleworth ramp and the ramp is not open after dark.

The R.D. Keene ramp at Lake Isleworth (Butler Chain) costs per day or a year for use of the ramp.
Windermere Chain of lakes is known for its excellent Orlando largemouth bass fishing. Most successful bass anglers pay attention to the bottom contours of the lakes offshore structure where 4- to 5-pound bass are commonly produced. Live shiners free-lined over grass edges, humps, ledges, and drop‑offs adjacent to spawning flats is one method to consistently catch quality bass in the winter/spring (Try Lake Butler). Jigging spoons fished over deep-water humps can produce 50-fish days when the water gets cold and fish congregate tightly (Try Little Lake Down). Windermere chain also have relatively unknown and unstudied black crappie (speck), bluegill and redear sunfish (shellcracker) populations, but anecdotal angler reports and field observations indicate a fishery exists for all three species.

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2016 Stick Marsh Pictures

2016 Stick Marsh Pictures

2016 Stick Marsh – Farm 13 Pictures

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About the Florida Stick Marsh:

Florida fishing Stick Marsh which is the St. Johns Water Management Area (SJWMA), known to most anglers as the Farm 13/Stick Marsh, is a 6,500-acre impoundment located along the east coast of central Florida in northwest Indian River County. The Stick Marsh/Farm 13 was created in 1987 and opened to the public around 1991. Water depths range from 4 to 8 feet. Boaters unfamiliar with the area are heavily advised to navigate to fishing locations with extreme caution due to the number of manmade and natural hazards, like stumps that this place presents.

Facilities include a double lane concrete boat ramp, air boat launch site, restroom and paved parking lot. Closest towns/cities are Melbourne, Palm Bay, Vero Beach, Sebastian and Fellsmere. No gas, food or bait available on site. Popular sport fish include largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, black crappie and several catfish species.

Stick Marsh fishing guides catch trophy largemouth bass still on in a hot weather pattern, meaning good catches are still possible for those who can adapt to the changing conditions. As most bass fisheries, the first light and late evening are the best time to catch a trophy bass.

As midsummer approaches, look for bass to be distributed widely throughout the reservoir, oriented to the shallow tops of underwater levees and woody structure along the western and southern shorelines. The intersections of the submerged north-south drainage canals in Farm 13 should also hold good numbers of bass. During the onset on the rainy season, anglers should also key in on water control structure outflows, as bass will school up in these areas to feed, often generating a strong bite.

Enjoy the Stick Marsh Fishing Photos 2016!

2016 Lake Ida Peacock Bass Pictures

2016 Lake Ida Peacock Bass Pictures

2016 Lake Ida Peacock Bass Pictures

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About the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes:

Nearly the entire shoreline of the north side of Lake Osborne between Lake Worth Road and 6th Avenue South is accessible to shore anglers. The E-4 Canal and associated lakes and lateral canals provide excellent fishing for largemouth bass, bluegill and redear sunfish. Sunshine bass are also stocked in Lakes Ida, Eden, and Osborne.

Canal intersections and culverts are generally productive areas for catching most species of fish. Shoreline vegetation, rip-rap areas, and shady areas associated with bridges and culverts also provide excellent places to fish. If there is a strong current in the main canal, look for any protected areas that offer refuge from the current (e.g., cut-outs, bridge pilings, and the downstream side of non-flowing spillways of lateral canals). The downstream side of culverts and spillways with flowing water are sometimes especially good places to fish. Fish attractors, identified by bright yellow buoys in lakes Ida, Eden and Osborne, are also good fishing spots.

2016 Lake Ida Pictures truly depict how the fishing has been this year. We have had great numbers of all the variety of species on the Lake. The action and fight from each species is uniquely different. Lake Ida in Palm Beach County is a true outdoor experience you do not want to miss. Whether you are traveling from out of state or from a city in Florida, you are destine to have a fishing trip of a lifetime.

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2016 Florida Everglades Pictures

2016 Florida Everglades Pictures

2016 Florida Everglades Pictures

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About the Florida Everglades:

Experienced what anglers have been fishing for many generations, the Florida Everglades. This with good conservation and maintenance should likely continue to fish well into the future. Good news is, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy fishing the Everglades. In fact, you don’t even need a boat, because we have amazing boats and fishing guides to take you.

The Everglades has spectacular views, amazing weather and of course, tons of fish. The Everglades is the perfect adventure for spending the day or just three or four hours of good old fashioned outdoor fun. Ready for some Everglades bass fishing South Florida style? Absolutely! Here’s some 2016 Florida Everglades pictures and what to expect from a day of fun in the sun fishing the Florida Everglades. – See more on fishing the Everglades at: Sawgrass Recreation Park

Even with it’s enormous size of the Everglades, you find a lot of shopping, urban culture, beaches and fine dining very close by. But with shopping at Sawgrass Mills mall, to connecting with a Cruises ports less than 20 minutes away…who needs that stuff at the beach. We recognize having multiple locations from the airport as well as the port is almost as unique as the fishing itself. Our locations are convenient no matter where you are visiting or driving from.

While all other fishing service tell you and sell you, that there location is the best…we’re here to service you at the one location that’s best for you! The Everglades nature adventures can only be done by boat because it very difficult to experience the fishing from shore. There’s nothing quite like fishing side by side with the alligators and birds, and the climate allows for year round fishing for several great species that live in the Everglades.

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2016 St Johns River Pictures

2016 St Johns River Pictures

2016 St Johns River

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About the St Johns River

Lower St. Johns River and Lakes: Until summer rains bring water levels up, anglers should be careful as low water conditions in the river may present obstacles to navigation and launching. Largemouth bass should continue to be caught following the schools of baitfish present in the river. Anglers should plan on being out early as recreational boating reaches its peak during this time of year making many areas of the river difficult to fish even in the late evening.

The redear sunfish (shellcracker) and bluegill spawn come to an end but fishing should remain good early this period. Lake Jesup (currently extremely shallow) and Lake George are among the most popular bream fisheries on the river. Striped bass seeks cool water in the summer and should be congregating near the mouth of Blue Springs, the Wekiva River, the Croaker Hole in Little Lake George, and at other thermal refuges in the river. Grass shrimp, small shad, and eels (when available) are the preferred baits for these fish.

Upper St. Johns River and Lakes: Water levels in the upper St. Johns River were lower than normal throughout Spring due to low rainfall but should rise during this quarter as the summer rainy season begins. The river sections between lakes Winder and Poinsett and from SR 520 to SR 46 have been restricted to smaller, shallow-draft boats and air-boats but should become accessible to all types of fishing boats if seasonal weather conditions prevail.

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