Naples Fishing Scott & Dave fishing with Capt Mark Rogers

Naples Fishing with Scott & Dave fishing Naples golden gate canal with Capt Mark Rogers. We had a great fishing.  The Speidel’s from Pennsylvania caught  about 40 fish.  The weather conditions are great, partly sunny and I had a nice little breeze. First thing in the morning we started throwing top water little poppers and there is foods and did very well and those a lot of fish.  Then I was the sun came up as we got a little harder so the bite slowed down  and used  Nile traps& started work a little bit deeper.  We used  worms and  best color was Watermelon seeds, down deep, ranging from 5 the 18th with the caller mission and it turned out to be a good day. We managed to hide underneath the bridge for on storm worked out fine and finish up with one about. 4.. It was a good day.

Till next time tight lines and good fishing.
From Staff Writer Capt Mark Rogers
[email protected]  888-629-Bass (2277)


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