Clermont Chain of Lakes

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About the Clermont Chain of lakes

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Located in Lake County and centered on the City of Clermont in Central Florida, 11 lakes connected, called the Clermont Chain of Lakes, is part of the Palatlakaha River system.

Orientated from southeast to northwest, this pool of ponds’ shoreline is lined with a great expanse of cypress woods, making the waters here red to tannic (or tannin) colored. The fishable waters here measure more than 167 square miles. This includes large accessible portions with public boat ramps from yesteryears.

Along with the shoreline’s cypress or swamp, largemouth bass, channel catfish, shell-cracker sunfish, and bluegill bite on crickets or worms. Speckled perch action is excellent on prepared or artificial bait, especially along grass-lined edges where these species spawn throughout summer.

Lakes that Make Up the Main Clermont Chain 

The Clermont Chain consists of three larger reservoirs, including; Minneola, Minnehaha, and Louisa, the largest at 3,573 acres. Big Creek and Little Creek are Louisa’s primary Clermont Chain of lakes water level inflows. The lake is generally shallow, reaching down to only 10 feet.

Complete Guide to Chain of lakes:

  •  Lake Minneola (1,888 acres)
  •  Lake Minnehaha (2,298 acres)
  •  Lake Winona  (64 acres)
  •  Lake Louisa  (3,634 acres)
  •  Lake Palatlakaha (102 acres)
  •  Lake Hiawatha (49 acres)
  •  Wilson Lake (32 acres)
  •  Lake Susan  (81 acres)
  •  Lake Crescent (122 acres)
  •  Cook Lake  (21 acres)
  •  Cherry Lake  (401 acres)

Lake Louisa

From Lake Louisa, Crooked Creek flows into Lake Susan’s northern end, a small shallow depth lake surrounded by Florida swampland. Clermont Chain of Lakes’ second largest lake, Lake Minnehaha, is connected to Lake Susan by a short river.

Lake Minnehaha

Minnehaha lake has an average depth of 14 feet and reaches up to 18 feet in some areas. The lakes decorate the northwestern shorelines with the cypress cove swampland scenario that gives its waters a tint.

Lake Palatlakaha is connected to Minnehaha by a neck, while a canal connects the former to Lake Hiawatha. Both of these bodies of water are mainly underdeveloped, but several launch ramps enable anglers or boating outfits to fish its waters.

Lake Minneola

From Lake Hiawatha, a neck separating the third largest lake on the Chain. With an average depth of 18 feet, Lake Minnehaha has parts that approach 30 feet in depth.

This lake is the most developed of all of them, with opportunities for Lake Minneola fishing, lakeside activity, and other exploitation. Other lakes in the great chain include Lake Winona, Lake Wilson, Lake Cherry, Cook Lake, and Crescent Lake.

What You Need to Know about the Clermont Chain of Lakes

Are There Alligators in Lake Minneola?

Lake Minneola is the third largest of the Central Florida Lakes, offering a public boat ramp and a Waterfront Park for swimmers.

There are Lake Minneola alligators are in Florida’s inland and mangrove waters, including on this Clermont Chain of Lakes. Decaying leaves, plants, and bark that flow downriver into the lake give this body of water a dark tea-colored tint, excellent for concealing gators.

Bass is still here in large numbers, and gators roam the expansive lake except over at the lakefront Park swimming area. Enhanced water quality on this lake is attributed to the Clermont stormwater runoff treatment area that lies on Clermont’s town’s edge.

More annoying than alligators for anglers is the distraction from cruisers and jet skiers on weekends, so it’s better anglers go here on weekdays.

More alligators are found in the canals coming into the lake, but this is also where the fishing is good.

How Many Acres Is Lake Minneola?

Closest to the town of Clermont is Minneola lake which features a simulated wetland that enhances the lake’s inflow waters. Lake Minneola is 1,888 acres of Florida nature, surrounded by green space and rolling hills.

Although most of the Clermont Chain of Lakes have tinted waters, those on this body of water are relatively clear. Lake Mineola is the gateway to the rest of the Chain’s lakes due to its proximity to Clermont and its ease of accessibility.

Clermont chain is a fish management area, and so most anglers will require a fishing license. You can rent boats, kayaks, or bicycles here or have a go at one of the water world amusements at the lakefront Park.

Palatlakaha River, one of the larger ones that make up the Clermont Chain of Lakes, is a short distance away from the Orlando Disneyworld theme park.

Can You Swim in Lake Minnehaha?

There’s beauty, recreation opportunities, and wide-open spaces on Minnehaha lake, the second-largest in Lake County. Unlike most of the smaller lake chain, Minnehaha has 2,298 acres, so its waters don’t contain harmful bacteria.

You can swim in Lake Minnehaha as long as you are on the lookout for alligators. The brown-colored water from the tannin keeps light penetration to the minimum, making the waters here cooler.

The moss-draped cypress trees that line the shoreline offer a perfect backdrop for water activities, including kayaking and swimming.

After rainfall, due to runoffs from the watershed urban and agricultural areas, it’s recommended that you don’t swim in painter or Minnehaha creek for at least 72 hours. The stormwater flow contains debris, dirt, and bacteria that can cause sickness.

Does the Clermont Chain of Lakes Offer Boat Ramps?

Lake Minnehaha and Lake Susan have one public marina launching ramp each. While the latter sells boat gas, the former offers rentals and slips for local boat owners. The Clermont Chain of lakes boat ramp features offers several boat launches that allow launching at a small fee. At the same time, many of the Clermont fishing spots offer private docks.

North of Lake Susan is the main boating line for the Clermont Chain of Lakes, and there is directional signage on buoys placed for your convenience.

In downtown Clermont, Florida on Lake Minneola’s southern end is the main boat ramp for the Chain’s lakes. Another public access boat ramp is located on the Palatlakaha River by Lake Louisa, on the chain.

All the lakes here are stocked with Florida largemouth bass, red ear sunfish, bluegill, channel catfish, and crappie. Dredge holes and trees that have fallen are attractive to fish, with several local piers offering shore fishing Clermont fl with disability access.

Bass Fishing the Clermont Chain of Lakes

The Chain of Lakes Clermont Fl is an 8,600-acre spread of eleven lakes with easy access to rich fishing in Clermont Fl. Except for the relatively clear lake Minneola, most of the Chain’s waters have a tannin tea-colored tint.

The big attraction here is largemouth bass, with catches that tip scales at four, six, or seven pounds reasonably standard. Every year there is bass caught here that weighs over 10 pounds.

As the water cools, specks and largemouth bass become prevalent, moving into emergent laydowns and timbered grassy edges for spawning. Tip jigs with minnows and then drift them along the shore, while activity around bridges and piers will draw strikes.

When in Orlando and looking for bass in the Clermont chain, keep an eye out for canals, streams, and inflows. Off the shore, you’ll find depths of six to eight feet on most lakes, and slip bobbers with spinners at four or five feet will result in the bass.

You are likely to find other types of fish, including the beam, bluegill, and golden shiner. Their presence indicates that the bass is at a close range as shiners are a few of their favorite prey. While fishing the area, don’t hesitate to visit some of these other local fishing ponds, Lake Lucy, Cherry lake, Lake Emma all great options.


They are known as the Palatlakaha run, a 26-mile long trail for Orlando water activities through the Clermont Chain of Lakes. Lakes in the Chain have deep spots, approximately 26 feet, while most other areas are shallower.

Shorelines, significantly those far from populated areas, harbor native and varying wildlife and prime fishing.

Clermont city is also known as the world’s wakeboarding capital, with events all year round dedicated to the sport. You can rent bicycles, boats, kayaks, or head to Lake Minneola’s Waterfront Park for a cool water dip before wakeboarding or whatever best fits your map of fun.


Trip Core Details

    • Region: Orlando Florida
    • Duration: 4, 6, 8, & 12 hrs
    • Cancellation: 8 hrs in adv.
    • Weather-Related: Full refund
    • Instant Online Confirmation
    • Includes All State Taxes

What's Included:

  • All Fishing Equipment
  • Professional Captain
  • Boat & Fuel
  • Cooler & Ice
  • Bottled water
  • Photos

Targeted Species:

Largemouth BassCrappie

What's NOT Included:

  • Florida Freshwater Fishing License for those ages 16+
  • Live bait if desired is also additional and is purchased the morning of the trip. (optional)
  • Food or Specialty beverages


  • Fishing Chairs
  • GPS & Fishfinder
  • Life Jackets
  • Catch and Release Allowed
  • Keep Fish Allowed within Laws

About this Tour:

  • Boat Specs: 20+ ft
  • Boat Capacity: 4 People
  • All Fishing Equipment
  • Boat & Fuel
  • Photos

Fishing Techniques:

  • Light Tackle
  • Heavy Tackle
  • Livebait
  • Fly Fishing
  • Artificial Lures

Fishing Equipment:

  • Spinning Rods
  • Baitcasting Rods
  • Left & Right Handed
  • Fly Rods (request only)
  • Braid & Mono Line

Clermont Chain of lakes Reviews

Clermont chain of lakes

Clermont Chain of lakes
I rented a boat to take my wife and me on the Clermont chain of lakes. Fun, friendly, and accommodating experience. Beautiful sites, great houses! As local business owners, it great to make a living in Clermont, it's a blessing.
- Maka Markers
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