You are required to have a freshwater fishing license, so you have three different options to choose from to get one. The good news for Florida residents is ages under 16 and over 65 are not required to have one!
Once you have arrived: – Licenses can be purchased at Bass Pro Shops, Wal-Mart or local tackle shop..
At the boat ramp or before: – Dial (888) FISH-FLORIDA and they will provide you with an authorization # over the phone.
Our most convenient, on the internet at Florida fishing license.

Fishing License: Non-Resident – 3day $17.00 or 1 year $34.00
Resident – 1year $17.00 Is it hot, will it rain?
In the summer it is hot and it can rain almost any day, but mostly in the afternoon. Be prepared. Put sunscreen on first thing in the morning and bring rain gear if you have it, if not we usually do.