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May I bring my own tackle?

Yes, you can bring your own tackle, but we do provide you with all equipment. Fly fishing anglers should bring there own equipment, although if arranged at the point of your reservation everything can also be provided. We provided fishing leaders, lures, and tackle, also we have a cooler on-board [...]

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What will I need to bring?

You will need to bring sunglasses, polarized glasses are preferred but not nessary. in some locations when site fishing they can be very helpful, in some cases our guides will have extra for you to use.
If you wear hats, a hat or a cap is suggested. Deck shoes, tennis shoes [...]

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What waters will we be fishing?

We have many great fisheries located near all the popular locations in Florida. We even have lots of private lakes throughout the state of Florida. We also service 354 bodies of water in the state. Each are really good during there peak times, the moon phase and weather are all [...]

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How many can go on fishing a charter?

The preferred and most comfortable is 1 or 2 persons on standard charters. Although 3 people per boat are often taken. In some locations, we have boats that can accomendate 4 people, this can be arranged by calling the main office (888) 629-2277. Understand, the number of anglers and overal [...]

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What is your cancellation policy?

There is a $100 deposit for each day required to confirm you reservation date or dates. The deposit is not charged unless the customer does not show. It’s considered as a “No Show” fee for your Captain, his down time, missing of a days work and fuel driving to the [...]

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