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Complete Guide to Fishing Hollister Ca Area

Sunny California is home to many lakes, streams, and rivers where many trout, bass, crappie, and other fish species thrive. Fishing reports suggest that the next bass record may come from one of California’s lakes.

Just 25 miles south of San Jose lies Hollister, a small town nestled between several excellent fishing spots. There is a slew of ideal fishing areas near Hollister, CA. Since many of them are lesser-known, odds are you’ll have the location to yourself.

Before we start listing the best fishing spots, make sure to learn about the fishing regulations. Those are explained on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website. Get your fishing license, grab your fishing gear and follow us through the best Hollister fishing spots.

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San Luis Reservoir

One of the largest artificial lakes in California, San Luis Reservoir, is located northeast of Hollister, between two state parks and a leisure area. Nearby, there is also the O’Neill Forebay, a tiny body of water in the region, which is an excellent site to fish. Largemouth black bass, striped bass, crappie, shad, and perch are just a few fish varieties that fishers may find in the lakes. Salmon and Sturgeon may also be present in this area.

You may fish overnight on the reservoir on the western side of O’Neill Forebay, the San Louis Creek area. Overnight fishing is possible in the Medeiros Area if you’re camping there. For daytime fishing, you’re likely to have as much success from the beach as from a boat.

Henry W. Coe State Park

Coe Park is Northern California’s most significant state park, with many vast and open areas. Mountains, hills, and deep valleys abound in this park’s landscape. Park visitors may take advantage of the year-round accessibility of the park for hiking and mountain biking as well as camping and picnicking. The park is also available to anyone who simply likes visiting parks.

Fishing at the park is excellent for largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and green sunfish, but no one can get there by car. A 10-mile round-trip trek is not uncommon until you reach a good fishing spot. Make sure you pack a backpack since you will stay there for the whole day.

Pinto Lake Park

It is situated in the northern part of Watsonville, California, and is accessible by car. An RV Park, a baseball field, and a volleyball court round out this lakefront park’s amenities. Inspection and launch fees may be required before using your boat or raft on the lake. However, kayaks and canoes are allowed and free of charge. The park expands over 78 acres in total, 70 of which are water and 8 of which are land.

This lake is home to several fish species, including black bass, sunfish, goldfish, and common crappie.

McAlpine Lake & Park

McAlpine Lake & Park is not only a private lake and a neat camping spot but also an excellent area to catch some fish. However, as with everything – it’s best to plan ahead of time. Do your homework and tailor your approach to the species you’re after. Bass, catfish, trout and a few other kinds of fish necessitate distinct fishing methods. Making an effort to plan will ultimately bring success.

Top Targeted Fish Species

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FIshermen explore the waters Bluegill fishing


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Loch Lomond Recreation Area

The next fishing spot is an incredible treasure in the Santa Cruz Mountains is Loch Lomond Recreational Area. You’ll find this lovely spot between Highways 17 and 9, just outside of Felton. It’s hard to beat the view of Loch Lomond and the surrounding mountains from the shores of the loch itself.

Hiking, boating, and fishing are all popular pursuits in Loch Lomond. There are several hiking paths and picnic places to choose from. Santa Cruz’s drinking water comes from this lake that’s not for swimming.

Bluegills, trout, and largemouth bass have been introduced to Loch Lomond, an 87-acre body of water. It’s possible to go fishing at the lakeside shop, where you may hire a rowboat or electric boat, or you can go offshore. You can buy a fishing license, bait, gear, beverages, and snacks at the site’s shop.

Coyote Lake

Situated just north of Hollister, CA, and only a few miles from the Gilroy city limits, the region is home to many leisure activities. Eurasian carp, black crappie, bluegill, and black bass make up the bulk of Coyote lake’s flora. A few well-proportioned holdover trout and channel carp may still be found in the lake.

If you prefer boat fishing in Hollister Ca, the boat launch facility, which includes a three-lane concrete ramp and two boat docks, provides excellent access. No swimming or wading will be possible. But the bank fishing is ideal if you stay away from jet skis and other water sports enthusiasts to the steeper eastern bank.

San Filipe Lake

Due to the abundance of largemouth bass, bream, bluegill, and carp, San Filipe Lake is a favorite fishing spot for locals.

Fishing from the riverbank is excellent here, and ideal times to cast are between 4 and 6 pm and in the evenings. To fish at any of the lakes on this list, you must be at least 16 years old and have a California fishing license. The Department of Fish and Wildlife issues them through their website for a small charge.

Manresa State Beach

Manresa State Beach has been designated a California State Beach for public use in Santa Cruz County. California’s government administers both the Manresa Main State Beach and the Manresa Uplands State Beach and Campground.

Fishermen may catch stripers, barred surf perch, California halibut, and surf smelt at Manresa. There are also surf perch and sardines, which you can catch with the striped bass during dusk and dawn. Sportspeople must carry a valid fishing license.

Local Hollister Fishing Guides

Meet the team of Hollister Fishing Guides, we know the best spots, baits, and techniques to give you the greatest fishing experience in the Hollister area.

Salinas River State Beach

Several bird species call the beach and sand bars at Salinas River State Beach home. You can spot California brown pelicans, red-tailed kestrels, American kestrels, snowy plovers, western gulls, scrub jays, California towhees, and white-crowned sparrows. These birds are part of the unique coastal dune system surrounding the Monterey Bay area. There are a lot of fishermen casting lines on the shore.

In the spring, the most sought-after fish are sanddabs, barred surfperch, and redtail surfperch. Bloodworms, Gulp Worms, and Lugworms are the biggest bets if you’re fishing for them in warmer, shallower waters on days with decent weather.

Zmudowski State Beach

On this state-owned beach, fishermen may stumble upon various species in the waters off the coast, including sand bass, kingfish, lingcod, halibut, bocaccio (tomcod), sole, lingcod, cabezon, jacksmelt, and the rare rockfish. This stretch of shoreline has a natural preserve near the estuary of the Pajaro River.

Many people come to see the wildlife and ride their horses on the sandy beach, which is only permitted along the water’s edge. Rip currents pose a severe risk to anyone partaking in water activities or swimming.

Moss Landing State Beach

There is a lot of interest in the area in surfing, windsurfing, and horseback riding. Due to the dunes shielding it from the afternoon sun, this beach is a popular spot for family outings. Birdwatching is a popular pastime in this region since it is a crucial stop on the Pacific Flyway.

Strong rip currents make swimming dangerous. Barred surfperch, Chinook salmon, and Striped bass are the most often captured fish in this area. When deciding where to fish, apply common sense and adhere to local restrictions, which may be found on-site.

Paicines Reservoir

Located 8 miles south of fishing in Hollister Ca, Paicines Reservoir is accessible by car. It’s a tiny reservoir, but fishing reports indicate a high fish population for its size. Catching Striped Bass, Spotted Bass, Crappie, and Largemouth Bass are common.

Current Fishing Articles


Where to obtain a fishing license for California?

You may purchase a California sportfishing license off the internet or in person from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Sportfishing permits may be purchased from Walmart, local fishing gear shops, and other licensed stores.

What’s the price of a fishing license at Walmart, California?

At Walmart, it costs $11 for a one-day fishing license for locals and tourists, and an annual fishing license costs $40 when fishing in Hollister Ca.

What do I require to go fishing in California?

Anyone trying to catch fish, mollusks, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, or crabs in inland or open waters must have a sports fishing license. Several species and regions need further validation and report cards. Fishing is allowed for all residents at least 16 years of age.

Is it legal to go night fishing in California?

It is legal to fish for crappie at night in some lakes managed by the Fish and Game Department, but only if the lake in question allows it. Due to access control, safety, and security concerns, night fishing is prohibited in several lakes.

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