Awesome Rodman Reservoir Fishing

The Rodman Reservoir is one of the best fisheries to catch big bass. Whether you are looking for that trophy or you are looking for quality, this is the place to visit. The Rodman Reservoir Drawdown is currently happening. As a result, you can experience some awesome Rodman Reservoir fishing for numbers of Florida largemouth bass.

Several fisheries across the state of Florida require expert navigation and knowledge. The Rodman Reservoir, especially during the drawdown period can be very dangerous. Our local experts have years of experience that allow you to enjoy this fishery safely.

Also, you have the ability to get on the fish at a much quicker rate. They know where all the fish are moving and staging during this time of year. If you are looking for a fantastic time on the water, our experts are the way to go.

Check out this Rodman Reservoir Fishing Update to see what you can get yourself into on your next visit to North Florida:

Fishing with Captain Ken Walker:

Awesome Rodman Reservoir Fishing 2“The Rodman Reservoir is a big bass fishery. When it comes to catching big bass, you generally do not catch big numbers as well. On this fishing trip, there was a change of pace.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff and his friends Rhonda and Rick. They were traveling from Ocala looking to cash in on some amazing bass fishing action. There is nothing like fishing the Rodman during drawdown and getting the chance to see stumps out of the water.

The action was red hot from the beginning of the fishing trip to the end. It truly was an awesome day on the water for these friends. Jeff, Rhonda, and Rick caught 27 largemouth bass with live wild-caught shiners.

There is nothing like catching two at a time as well. The biggest fish weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces with another big bass weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces. 10 other fish weighed in the range of 5-6 pounds. You just truly could not beat the action on this fishing trip.

Jeff, Rhonda, and Rick had a wonderful time together. I am looking forward to fishing with them again in the near future!” – Capt Ken Walker

Fishing with Captain David Lang

“Sunny fishing conditions can sometimes slow the bite down on your fishing trip. During the winter months, the sun is a beautiful thing as it heats the surface temperature and also the air temperature.

I had the pleasure of fishing with David, his brother, and nephew Chris. Chris was added on at the last minute since he wanted in on the action. Bass fishing was steady for this family and everyone caught some quality fish. Awesome Rodman Reservoir Fishing 1