Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing Trip

On some occasions, waking up early in the morning is a pleasure. You spring out of bed with excitement on what the day is going to bring. As you sip a hot coffee, a cool crisp air hits your face as you step outside. Already you can feel that your Rodman Reservoir bass fishing trip was about to get interesting.

It was time to go, so we climbed into the truck. Still completely dark, we traveled through the long winding north Florida roads. You felt like you were driving through a tunnel with the thick canopy tops overhead. After a short drive, we arrived in a small town. Captain Ken Walker had to make a pit stop.

Rodman Reservoir Boat RampWhen it comes to bass fishing on the Rodman Reservoir, the most important ingredient is live bait and more specifically, wild-caught live shiners. Early mornings calls for waiting to get this prized commodity that helps increase your chances of success.

See, I love catching big bass. Every year, I visit the Rodman Reservoir near Palatka, FL to try to break my personal best. Last year, I caught the biggest bass of my life on the reservoir and I was coming back to beat it and live bait is the way to do so.

Each adventure and experience at this breathtaking fishery is truly unique. This year was even more captivating. The Rodman Reservoir is a must-see fishery for all those that love to catch bass.

December marked the 2nd month of the Rodman Reservoir Drawdown. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience. I knew this was a magical time to go fishing but it far exceeded my expectations.

After picking up our wild-caught live shiners, we drove off to the boat ramp. It was part of the Ocklawaha river that was submerged with 10 feet of water before drawdown. Now, it operates as a perfect boat ramp to get into the reservoir.

I climbed aboard Captain Ken’s 21ft Mako. Right after me, Captain David Lang climbed aboard. Just as safe light broke, we were off with a slow pace toward the sunrise. I knew this trip was about to be exhilarating.

Just as the sun peeked through the horizon, we were meandering through the hidden channels in an S formation. This cool morning brought on one of the most amazing sunrises I had ever seen.

It was not long until we arrived at a field of stumps. After soaking our baits on the outside of this field, we entered. These stumps would usually be underwater, but now are providing a safe haven for largemouth bass. Rodman Reservoir Sunrise