Miami Peacock Fishing Charters

Are you visiting South Florida this year? Are you looking for awesome experiences for the whole family? Well, we have the right fit for you. Miami Peacock Bass Fishing is one of the best ways to get in the outdoors here in Miami, FL. Peacock bass are an exotic species that have an incredible fight power making them exciting to catch. Explore Miami Peacock Fishing on your next South Florida adventure!

Our local experts are trustworthy, knowledgeable and ready to work hard to show you a great time on the water. We pride ourselves on providing the most exceptional bass fishing experience in Florida. You can’t go wrong explore what Miami has to offer with our local experts. If you want to learn and catch the bass of a lifetime, now is the time to do it!

Here is your Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Update:

Captain Joe Gruny had the pleasure of fishing with Richard and his son Logan. They were traveling from Toronto Canada looking to see what peacock bass fishing had to offer. While here on vacation, freshwater fishing is a Miami Peacock Fishing Charters 2fantastic addition to your stay. They never caught peacock bass before and always wanted to. Miami Airport Lakes was a great option for them to experience what it is all about.

Bass fishing conditions have been great with the sun shining. Richard and Logan caught great numbers of peacock bass. The biggest bass was just at 5 pounds. All morning long they were catching fish and had a blast with everyone. They also hooked into a bonus Snook but it jumped off at the boat.

Richard and Logan are looking forward to getting back out with Captain Joe on their next visit to South Florida. Miami Peacock Fishing Charters 3

It was not long after that awesome fishing trip that Captain Joe was back out on the water. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Reid and his wife Chrissy. They are repeat clients of Bass Online and wanted to experience peacock bass fishing in Miami Airport Lakes. It was yet another fantastic day on the water in Miami, FL.

The weather conditions to start were on the cooler side but as the day went on things heated up. Peacock bass started to get fired up. Reid and Chrissy caught 13 peacock bass in their short trip Miami Peacock Fishing Charters 4with 4 of the bass pushing 4 pounds. They also caught 3 largemouth bass and a 10-pound longnose gar.

Reid and Chrissy had a great time fishing with Captain Joe. They shared many laughs about different movie quotes from Blazing Saddle and Jaws. They will be back visiting and exploring Miami in April and Captain Joe is looking forward to their next fishing adventure!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Robert Miley adventured out in Miami Airport Lakes. He had the pleasure of fishing with Nigel. Nigel was traveling from Atlanta to South Florida for business meetings. While he was here, peacock bass fishing was a must. Winds were blowing on this fishing trip but Nigel had a blast catching a variety of species.

One of the cool things about Airport Lakes is that you have a wide variety of exotics or saltwater species that transferred over. Nigel not only landed him multiple peacock bass but also a Jack Crevalle. He had a great afternoon on the water with beautiful cool weather. When it comes to peacock bass fishing in changing weather climates, you have to be patient. If you are, you will find success.