International Travelers Bass Fishing

Many travelers come to Florida looking to enjoy this beautiful destination. Central Florida and more specifically Kissimmee is a perfect place to explore all that Florida has to offer. Florida Bass Fishing is a highlight here in Kissimmee. Take a break from the parks and tourist attractions and enjoy our international travelers’ bass fishing charters on your next visit.

Our local experts work hard to communicate and help you experience a fishing adventure of a lifetime. If you do not speak English well, you don’t have to worry. Our captains have a unique way of communication. Most trips you do not need to communicate much and they will guide you on the best techniques and methods to catch Florida largemouth bass.

Here is your Lake Toho Bass Fishing Update in Kissimmee, FL:

Captain John Leech had the pleasure of fishing with Claudio. Claudio was traveling from Brazil looking to explore what Kissimmee had to offer. Lake Toho Bass Fishing was a great option for him. Claudio did not speak very International Travelers Bass Fishing 3good English nor did Captain John speak very good Portuguese. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t speak very great English, it is not a requirement when fishing here in Florida with our local experts.

Claudio had a great day on the water. He caught 37 largemouth bass with wild-caught live shiners. The biggest bass weighed between 4-5 pounds. Claudio was ecstatic with this afternoon of fishing and had a fantastic time. He will be back for more action and Captain John is looking forward to their next adventure on Lake Toho.

Shortly after this fishing trip, Captain John adventured back out on Lake Toho. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Antonio. Antonio was traveling from Spain looking to catch some Florida largemouth bass. Yet again, Captain John communicated with Antonio the best he could. International Travelers Bass Fishing 4

Antonio wanted to do a 50/50 trip with artificial and live bait. The first two hours was with artificial baits. Antonio caught 2 fish on swimbaits. After spending some time with artificial baits, Captain John took Antonio to the shiner spots. It was jammed packed with action and great bass.

Antonio caught his biggest bass ever on this fishing trip. It weighed between 5.5-6 pounds. He had a great time fishing here in Kissimmee, FL and will be back soon. The action can’t be beaten and Captain John is looking forward to their next adventure!

That same afternoon, Captain Brent Nelson explored Lake Toho. He had the pleasure of fishing with AJ and AU. They were traveling from Chicago looking to see what Florida bass fishing had to offer. It was a quick 4-hour International Travelers Bass Fishing 1fishing trip in the afternoon. These gentlemen caught 10 Florida largemouths on wild-caught live shiners. The biggest bass weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces. Both of these guys caught their personal best and they could not have been more excited.