Sporadic Bite Bass Fishing

Have you thought, “what outdoor activity can I do this weekend?” Well, we have the perfect one. Largemouth Bass fishing with local experts in Central Florida is a great way to get out and explore all Florida has to offer. Every chance you get, you should get some fresh air and set the hook into some quality fish. Bring your family along on a Sporadic Bite Bass Fishing Adventure on your next visit to Central Florida.

Our local experts have years of experience and knowledge to get you on the fish. The bite may be slower due to weather or poor conditions, but they work hard to get some fish in the boat. Winter months bring cooler weather and that can always slow down the bite and make it sporadic. Hop on board with our local experts and captains to have the best chance at putting quality fish in the boat all trip long.

Here is an update for Lake Toho Bass Fishing right here in Central Florida:

Captain Brent Nelson had the pleasure of fishing with Bob and Jim. They were traveling to Florida to escape the cold but timed it wrong and experienced a minor cold front. Luckily, their 6-hour Sporadic Bite Bass Fishing 1fishing trip allowed ample time for things to warm up and the bite to turn on.

Wild caught live shiners were magic on this fishing trip. If you are looking to put big number and bass in the boat, live bait is the way to go. Bob and Jim enjoyed a sporadic bite with over 24 quality largemouth bass in the boat. The biggest fish weighed close to 4 pounds. Sporadic Bite Bass Fishing 2

They had a great time on the water and are looking forward to coming back for more action. Captain Brent will get them on even bigger bass next time!

Just shortly after this trip, Captain Brent adventured back out on Lake Toho. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Dale and his son Landon. They were Florida natives that wanted to explore Kissimmee Bass Fishing. Kissimmee, FL is the perfect location to get on some of your biggest bass.

Water temperatures were continuing to drop on this fishing trip. That did not stop the big bass from biting. Dale and Landon still caught their personal best largemouth bass with the biggest weighing around 4.5-5 pounds.

Sporadic Bite Bass Fishing 3When you adventure out in Florida in search for bass that is all you can ask for; some quality fishing and great memories. Dale and Landon had a great time and are looking forward to coming back shortly for more action. Captain Brent will get them on them again!

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain John Leech explored Lake Toho. He had the pleasure of fishing with John and Charlie. They were good friends looking for a great time on the water catching Kissimmee Largemouth Bass. While traveling from up North, bass fishing was a must.