Naples Bass Fishing Adventures

The Paradise Coast is one of the most breath-taking destinations in Florida. When you are visiting Southwest Florida, make sure you explore all that this coast has to offer. Naples, FL is filled with adventures and fun for the whole family, especially bass fishing. Join us on a Naples Bass Fishing Adventure on your next visit to Florida.

One of the luxuries about fishing in Naples is the ability to go freshwater or saltwater fishing. During this time of year, the freshwater dominates. You can travel to the Florida Everglades, Lake Okeechobee, or peacock bass fishing in the Golden Gate Canals. This destination has exceptional fishing and is only going to get better. Our local experts spent some time in Golden Gate in search for the elusive exotic peacock bass and freshwater Snook.

Here is your fishing report from our local experts:

Captain Mark Rose had the pleasure of fishing with Noah and his friend. They were traveling to Naples, FL on vacation and wanted to check out the bass fishing while here. The Golden Gate Canals was a perfect fit and produced big time for them. It would be their first time fishing for peacock bass and Snook.

Naples Bass Fishing Adventures 1The fishing conditions were perfect for a fantastic day of fishing. It was an early morning start with a lot of success right off the bat. Noah and his friend caught several quality fish with live bait on this fishing trip. They caught 2 personal best peacock bass with both of them over 4 pounds. Also, they caught a Snook that was 5 pounds as well. Most of the fishing was in the long stretches of canals where it was sunny and beautiful. You can also fish near bridges to have some luck as well, according to Captain Mark. Naples Bass Fishing Adventures 2

Noah and his friend had a blast checking some things off their list. They will be back for more of this incredible fishing action. Captain Mark is looking forward to their next adventure!

That afternoon, Captain Mark went out again on the canals in search for more quality fish. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with John, along with his mom and dad. It was a beautiful afternoon with a lot of great action from peacock bass and largemouth bass. Naples Bass Fishing Adventures 3

If you are looking for a multi-species fishing trip, the Golden Gate Canal is your fishing destination. This trip was another bucket list trip for this family. They all wanted to catch a peacock bass and the canals came through for them.

John and his parents caught over 15 bass on their quick 4-hour fishing adventure. The biggest peacock bass weighed 3 pounds. Also, the biggest largemouth bass weighed 3 pounds. You can’t beat the constant and steady action while fishing in Naples.

This family had a blast on their fishing trip. Captain Mark is looking forward to getting back on the water with them again soon.