Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth Bass are an exciting species to catch. Pennsylvania holds some excellent waters to adventure in to land your trophy. If you are a die-hard smallmouth bass fisherman or just love to catch them, explore a Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing Charter on Lake Erie. You truly can’t go wrong fishing for these northern bass.

Presque Isle Bay is the perfect location for fishing for Smallmouth Bass. It is conveniently located to Erie, Pennsylvania which is a great destination to bring your families. While visiting, get out on Lake Erie and learn all about what it can offer. You never know what will bite at the end of the line.

Capt Mark Rose is a local expert for catching Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass. He has dialed in on how and where they are staging. During this time of year, they are spawning and posted up on beds. When you provide and put the right presentation in their face, you will most certainly entice a great bite.

Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Bill was traveling from Rochester, PA to explore the bay here in Erie. He is a repeat client of Captain Mark’s and knows all about how great the smallmouth bass fishing is on Lake Erie. The start of the trip was slow but we ended really strong.

Captain Mark focused in on the bay which produced the most fish. They were holding in 5-6 foot of water. Most of the fish were caught throwing tubes, drop shots and jerk baits. Bill landed 25 smallmouth bass and had his best day on Lake Erie ever. It is always a blast when you get to land three trophy bass weighing 5.82, 6.00 and 5.78 pounds.

That’s what you call an excellent smallmouth bass fishing trip. Lake Erie is one of the only places you can experience that. Bill is looking forward to his next adventure out on the lake.

Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing

When Lake Erie is fishing well and the bass are spawning, you have to come catch one of these amazing smallmouths. Jim and his two sons Garret and Matthew gained wind of the action and decided they were going to adventure to Erie for a trip of a lifetime. It was their first time fishing on Lake Erie and they were in-store for another amazing trip.

The main focus on this trip was the bay again which started out slow due to the conditions. Once they located the bass, it was game on. You did not have to leave the bay. The wind was blowing making it very difficult to fish the main lake. When you are fishing the bay, if you focus on waters from Parry’s monument to Niagara boat launch you will have the best of luck. Stay in the 3 to 7 foot range which is where they are currently located.

Jim caught the biggest bass of the day weighing in at 6.09 pounds while Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing. His two sons both caught fish over 4 pounds. They had a fantastic time out on the water and you can’t beat the action th