Lake Kenansville Fluke Fishing

Artificial baits are the most exciting technique to catch largemouth bass here in Florida. The only catch is that it takes precision and patience to accomplish the task. Enjoy a Lake Kenansville Fluke Fishing trip next time you are visiting Florida.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Jake and Kyle on Lake Kenansville. Kenansville has been an exceptional bass fishery this year producing legendary days on the water. We had a great trip but we could not find the trophy they were looking for.

Artficial baits were the bait we focused strongly on. Flukes and worms were the most effective. You had to dead stick the flukes and worms in order to catch them. Dead Sticking is when you just let the bait sit for an extended period of time.

Depth and speed are integral components when you are searching for that bigger bass. Kenansville was a drive for them but it was well worth the fishing. They caught a decent number of bass weighing up to 4 pounds.

I am looking forward to fishing with them again in the future. Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure next time visiting Central Florida.

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain John Leech on Kenansville Lake.



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