Butler Chain Bass Fishing

The Butler Chain of Lakes in Windermere, Florida is an excellent bass fishery to catch largemouth bass. This gorgeous deep clear water lake can provide ample opportunities to catch the fish of a lifetime. While Florida bass fishing this chain of lakes, enjoy the wildlife and abundance of multi-million dollar homes you will be surrounded with. Butler Chain Bass Fishing is one of the most unique fishing experiences in Central Florida.

Butler Chain Bass Fishing Report

Captain John Leech adventures out on the chain of lakes on multiple occasions producing excellent fishing trips. On his first adventure, Ralph and his son wanted to catch some Butler bass. One of the best parts about fishing this lake is that most of the fishing is in open water.

The most productive depth to catch fish is in 8-10 foot of water. You can troll over the grass structures with wild caught live shiners to produce the best bite. Ralph and his son were crushing largemouth bass using this method. It was non-stop all trip long. The conditions were perfect for this technique and they could not have been more excited to get the action they were.

It was another great day on the water catching Florida largemouth bass weighing up to 4 pounds. Captain John is looking forward to fishing with Ralph and his son again in the future.

The Butler Chain of Lakes doesn’t stop producing there. Shortly after this trip, Dan Llorens comes out and crushes largemouth bass with Captain John. They targeted the bass the same way on the same structures but in slightly deeper water.

Dan caught largemouth bass in almost 20 foot of water. Most of these fish are schooling up for their summer time pattern. Soon you will begin to strongly catch them on artificial baits in open water. Dan caught several quality bass with great numbers up to 4.5 pounds.

Dan had a great time bass fishing with Captain John. He is looking forward to coming back and getting to experience another excellent fishing trip.

Butler Chain Bass Fishing Report