Straight Catching Fishing Trip

All through summer you can experience a fishing trip of a lifetime in the Florida Everglades. When you got out there, you aren’t fishing anymore. You have embarked on a straight catching fishing trip. The action is so jammed packed that you lose track of time.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike, Tom and Bob. They wanted to come out and catching the most bass they have ever had. We made sure to accomplish this goal on their short 4 hour fishing trip. You do not need much more time than that to make something amazing happen.

At all the locations in the Florida Everglades is producing exceptionally large numbers of largemouth bass. Mike, Tom and Bob caught over 100 fish in their short trip. They even got to experience catching some quality bass weighing up to 4 pounds. Most of the fish were in the weight range of 1-3 pounds.

As the weather continues to stay warm and calm, the fishing will continue to get better. Once the rain comes and increases the water level will be when it starts to slow down. Expert Captains will know where and how to catch them when the time comes.

I look forward to fishing with these awesome guys again in the future. Don’t miss out on your Florida Adventure next time visiting!

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mark Rogers on Alligator Alley.



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