England Native Bass Fishing

Central Florida is a strong place to experience Bass Fishing. Even when we had challenging conditions, it still managed to produce incredible fishing trips. Lake Toho in Kissimmee is on fire this time of year. An England Native Bass Fishing Trip can most certainly verify that.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Robert Holmes. He was traveling from England on vacation and wanted to experience what Central Florida Bass Fishing was all about. Being close to Kissimmee, we set him up on Lake Toho.

This past winter was quite challenging with cold fronts and changes in weather conditions. That rarely slowed down the bass from biting especially when fishing wild caught live shiners. These condition changed moved the fish around from key areas especially when they were spawning.

Lake Toho still produced and excellent trip for Robert. He caught over 20 largemouth bass in his quick trip weighing up to 6 pounds. Nothing beats the action here in Central Florida.

I am looking forward to fishing with Robert again next time he visits the states. Come book your trip today while the action is still hot. I look forward to fishing with you.

Come Catch Yours with Captain Brent Nelson on Lake Toho.


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